A change in voting patterns — 6 Comments

  1. And they didn’t smell a rat about the family size? Or is that the normal family size in your neck of the woods?

    You mean you can actually find someone worth voting for who isn’t having their pockets stuffed with banknotes?

  2. Grandad,

    Finn McCool has an address on Iona Road, Dublin 9 – or he did on the letters page of Thursday’s Irish Times when he wrote to Madam Editor about traffic congestion – that wasn’t you was it?

    Your next task is to produce the identification documents for the nine voters!

  3. We had a census last year and because I live in a ‘shared’ household . . the other side didn’t incorporate three of us on the form . . arrrgh. . .we don’t exist . . .but my evil plan is to oppose their votes in the upcoming election (I so know what they’re gonna vote) so their votes won’t matter . . .ingenious . . . um . . but then my vote won’t matter . . .awww . . .politics makes my brain hurt!

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