Put that finger there and we will never speak again — 14 Comments

  1. Good recruiting decision, Grandad!

    Any hunting party needs a doctor in their midst. Just imagine if any of the tourists has a gone or starts throwing stones or (God forbid!) bites poor Sandy.

    You’ll be glad to have a medical professional in handy proximity then.

    As per yar neither regions – I refuse to discuss those matters. Me being a lady and all.

  2. I thought so too. We have quite a few injuries on the expeditions, but it’s usually scratches from brambles and things. The tourists rarely get a chance to retaliate.

    As for my nether regions – I refuse to discuss them too.

  3. A Doctor! Well what kind of rifle will he need? Maybe something small and snappy for quick target acquisition or some something a bit heavier for long distance accuracy? Being a doc and all he can most likely afford a nice stock made of some exotic South American tulip wood or maybe even zebra wood. I shall also need to know if he is right or left handed. Please have him call and the staff shall make sure he gets the exact rifle needed.

    Managing Director
    Munitions-R-Us, llc, plc, bfd

  4. I have quite an extensive range of hunting hides if you’re interested. Some are made to blend in with tour buses – great for bagging American tourists. Another looks like a free-blood-pressure-tests-today tent – It might suit the doctor – his normal garb would do for camouflage.

  5. It’s OK, Sneezy. I told him to come in his usual garb. The blood spatters and stains will blend in well with the autumn colouring.

    Steph – They will come back and will show a marked deficiency in alcohol and nicotine. [At least, that’s what I bribed him to find].

    Daz – He never actually did the deed. I’m afraid I’m not a member of the BoV [unless you count that time with the Christian Brother when I was seven?]

  6. I don’t know why you blokes get so precious about a little rubber glovage . . .we sheilas get poked and prodded for the best part of 30 years on an annual basis. Just smile (or grimace) and think of Ireland!

  7. Oh Baino my dear CarT,
    Shielas enjoy being plooked as much as we enjoy plooking them.
    Geez! There is NO comparison to plooking and the doctor wieled rubber glove!

    When I was diagnosed with colon cancer and the Doc snapped that rubber glove. I turned to her and said, “That horse hockey is NOT happenin’ Doc! I don’t care how many degrees you have!”.

  8. Baino – I spent a long time trying to word my response in as delicate a manner as possible [trying to avoid such words as ‘poker’ and ‘pokee’], but fortunately Brianf got in before me.

  9. My reference gentlemen was gyneocological . . . not THAT sort of poke! (although plooking is a new one on me) Believe me, it’s far from enjoyable! What on earth is a CarT? No don’t answer that for fear it’s a spelling error.

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