Has anyone seen a brain? — 18 Comments

  1. I saw one on it’s way to Shannon Airport this morning. Looked kinda sad but determined.

    Wonder if it decided to take some radical action and take up a residence in George W-s head.

    Good news for a world, bad news for you, poor Grandpa. Sure you’ll be ready to make some sacrifices for a good cause.

  2. Damn brains, always going of and doing their own things. Then when we find them again they make us do some foolish things. At least mine does.

    Then again I could just be imagining it. What day is it again?

  3. There’s nothing wrong with widening horizons before parachuting into the derelict dome that is George W-s head.

    Keeping my fingers crossed your brain was NOT in the bin! What a waste would that be!

    I guess the pun was mildly intentional. Dammit. Will go and chastise meself by rollin in nettles.

  4. I think today might be International Brain Day, or Free a Brain day. Mine went off to celebrate a bit early, but was back by lunchtime.

  5. Some tips to find the missing things that are mentioned in an article in the latest Newry Democrat :

    1: Don’t look for it.
    2: Remember the 3 Cs (Comfort, Calmness and Confidence.)
    3: Domestic drift (it might have rolled off the table or under the bed).
    4: You’re looking right at it!
    5: The camouflage effect.
    6: Think back. (might be hard without a brain!)
    7: Look once, look well.
    8: The Eureka zone. (Not sure what that is.

    There you go. Read all that while having my lunch a while ago. Hope it helps because I can do no more.


    A brain has gone rambling somewhere in the wilds of Ireland and it’s owner would like it back please!

    Reward offered to anyone who manages to retrieve this much needed national treasure.

    p.s. it answers to ‘Grandad’

  7. Gramps, you don’t have a scientist friend who likes messing with formaldehyde, do you?

    No, no … don’t worry about it, it was just a thought.

  8. I found it! And I’m sorry I did. I have just written why.

    Thank you all for your concern.

    I think Cathy may have the answer – a sort of Brain Awayday that we weren’t told about.

    Robert – Those are very handy tips, but you miss the Catch 22 situation. If you don’t have a brain, you can’t use logic. Therefore you can’t find it……

  9. I often find that lost things turn up in the dog’s bed. I’d have a look there if I were you. And don’t worry, it happens to us all. I got all the way up the top of the stairs this morning before realising I had absolutely no clue why.

  10. I got all the way up the top of the stairs this morning before realising I had absolutely no clue why.

    You say that as if it were something unusual? I never know why I have gone places. Except when I’m going to the pub…

  11. G’day G’dad
    Try http://www.mindweavers. something (not sure what ) it helps so many of the bits which might need helping. I’m hoping it will branch out into faces as well as brains (then maybe a wee bit on the rest of the body too. )

  12. Are you sure you’re not just having a ‘boy’ look. It’ll be behind the couch, under the bed, in the fridge (where I once left my sink plug and found it a week later in the vegie crisper). Alternatively, it could have gone where all the odd socks go . . in which case you’re f*cked.

  13. Janejill – I am NOT going to wade through 615 websites to find the one you’re talking about! My PC doesn’t understand http://www.mindweavers.something.

    Baino – I am the searcher in this house. Herself went frantic looking for her glasses the other night, until I pointed out they were hanging on a chain around her neck.

  14. Actually, Janejill, when I have my brain I prefer sending myself to sleep calculating pi to 1,000 decimal places. If I don’t have my brain, I would know what to do with it.

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