Vote for Anarchy and Libertarianism — 34 Comments

  1. Er. I’m in Norn Iron again. Hence the Union Jack! Apologies for any confusion as there are many Roberts that comment. Maybe I should use something else with my name.

  2. It’s all right Sweetums. I know who you are. If I win do I really have to wear a monkey suit? That thought doesn’t bear thinking.

  3. You said it would be a vote for anarchy and Libertarianism so I reckon you could get away without having to wear a monkey suit. However if it were a real monkey suit i.e. like a gorilla costume or something similar now that anarchic! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ashley – I’m as big as they come.

    [maybe I shouldn’t have said that?]

    Robert – Great idea. Though the official line is ‘Black Tie’. They don’t say anything about hiking boots and a skirt.

    Grannymar – I’m sure that’s what they mean.

  5. Grandad,

    When I tried to vote for you they wouldn’t allow it to go through without a company name. So, I just put in RETIRED and the vote went through. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  6. so far I have voted for my ol (adopted) son about 32 times; it’s quite tiresome creating one-off emails, but anything for you, my boy…

    though, now i think about it, i really ought to script this and get round to doin’ something useful, like breakfast…


  7. Aw! Thanks, Nancy. You could have put CIA?

    Doc – Don’t overdo it. They might cop on and disqualify us!

  8. Good for you!
    A vote for you is a vote against Bill Gates!
    For company name I just S.H.I.T.
    I’ll cast at least three votes from each computer, and will try to marshal my forces to do the same.
    Go Grandad!

  9. Just read Doc’s comment: if it’s checking email addy, I got a whole boatload of those…

  10. I voted for you! I hope they accept votes from the United States. After all, I’ve been an American tourist in Ireland, so perhaps that gives me special insights.

  11. Grandad,

    I voted for you, putting Saint Matthias down as my company. I think he will understand, he only got in on the second ballot.

    I voted for the Rabobank people because their website is so devilishly hard to work that I can never get at our money meaning Herself can’t spend it.

    I also voted for the Nun, because I don’t think she will have industry cronies to vote for her.

    I would offer to come as your chaplain to the dinner, but for numbers like 195 I would have to dig out some dodgy currencies, I think I could manage that figure in Tanzanian shillings

  12. I’ll always give a vote to the small man (or woman) – even if you’re not that small physically, I’m sure you’re collateral is miniscule compared to Microsoft.
    Good luck

  13. OK, I did my duty. Talk about a pressure, duh.

    Is the road to the village cleaned now? Can I join you for a mug of kills-the-horse-but-wakes-up-Foreigner coffee?

    Oh pretty pleeeaaase, need that cup-o-nectar badly!

  14. C-c-c-con-congratu-…


    Damn near killed me, that did. And for once I have actually heard of these awards, so I’ll get my lazy student ass over to that site now …

  15. Oh Lordy! I didn’t know i was so popular! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Thank you one and all. The Awards crowd are going to wonder what the hell is going on with votes coming in from America, South Africa, the U.K., Finland and Poland, but that’s their problem.

    A special thanks to Daz, as I know how hard it is for you to be nice for a change.

    Foreigner – Yes. The village is cleaned up again. They’re quite used to this sort of mayhem, and you’re more than welcome for a coffee. However, I must warn you that it has turned a bit chilly for sitting outdoors. Though, after the first mug, you don’t notice the cold.

  16. Hey thanks, Keith! But you are a nominee too? And you want me to win? What the hell is going on here?????

  17. Are you serious?

    The problem is that I would be bringing the daughter too
    [K8 the GR8].

    โ‚ฌ500 is a lot to shell out out of the pension, and then I have to buy a black tie. The only tie I have is blue.

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