A quiet mug of coffee — 24 Comments

  1. Garcia Marquez would be impressed – all it lacks is a Dublin bus driver going down the street on a magic carpet.

    I assume the bit about Sandy being allowed to keep the leg is a bit of poetic licence, I can’t imagine Herself would allow bit of limbs lying around the house.

  2. Don’t you just hate it when your beautiful & peaceful day is ruined? I think you should sue the tourist for disturbing Sandy.

  3. Ian – Herself doesn’t mind as long as Sandy keeps the leg in the garden. She [Sandy] will probably bury it in the compost heap to let it ripen a bit. That’s what she usually does.

    Jelena – I think the loss of a leg, and having his boyfriend semi-castrated was enough. As I said – I was in a good mood.

  4. All in all sounds like a perfectly lovely brisk Saturday.

    Makes you feel so alive, doesn’t it! Nothing like dismembered tourist to brighten ones day.

  5. Hi Grannymar – Abusive as ever…..!

    Welcome Foreigner. It was a grand day all right. Though I hate violence towards animals. That sort of spoiled it a bit.

    I wonder if the road through the village is open again yet?

  6. hi was just surfing and came across your blog and i am so pleased i have. it is wonderful. just wish i had more time to read but i have bookmarked it and will be back. i am very new to this blogging thing so any advice or comments would be welcomed and well recieved. keep blogging. hugz lynda.

  7. Agree about the cruelty to animals bit.

    I think you should train couple of perky bulls to react (non-positively of course) to American accent! They could do way more damage than Sandy and it’s a heavy burden for poor soul to be solely responsible for dismembering tourists.

    Besides – who would suspect any harm of a happy young bull peacefully gnawing on flower baskets on main street!

  8. Jesus I hope Sandy was ok the cheek of some people bad enough they where foreigners, they then saw it fit to kick you dog, you should have casually poured your petrol over them and inadvertently dropped a match on them.

  9. Welcome Lynda! Advice? Keep going as you are! I’ll be back to read yours in full!

    Foreigner – Bulls tend to be a bit slow and dozy. Don’t underestimate Sandy. She is a beautiful dog, and tourists love to come and pet her. She’s a stealth weapon.

  10. Nonny – That might have damaged the coffee shop, and where would I go then?
    No. Sandy is fine. She has just smuggled a big toe indoors and is happily chewing it as I type.

  11. … the cheek of some people bad enough they were foreigners …

    This coming from a German commenting on an Irish site. Irony as delicious as a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi Max.

  12. Sneezy – The coffee is brilliant. It’s like the French stuff. You could tar a road with it. Two mugs, and you won’t sleep for a week.

    Daz – Always the bitter word! Anyway, you’re a foreigner. You are from Cavan, after all?

  13. aaah.

    we can hardly wait to move in with you. such a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, yet nuanced with just that right amount of cruelty…

  14. You must have a little mower . . I can’t lift my 20 litre jerry can. Extra points for the yummy mummy in the four wheel drive. (SUV – so American)

  15. Well, just because I’m living in the Big Shmoke as some of my less civilised fellow boghoppers would call it doesn’t mean I have to go around wearing a Cavan GAA jersey, as some believe …

  16. Baino – It’s a big mower. K8 calls it my Forest Gump machine [she even bought me a baseball cap!]. It’s one of those sit-on thingies.

    The Yummy Mummy was a local. She’s one of the snots that lives in the Big Estate [they don’t talk to the rest of us]. She has had all the signs – sunglasses on the head; always on the mobile at the top of her voice arranging tennis or sauna sessions; only using her SUV to drop Samantha to playschool and to block traffic. She had to go sooner or later.

    Daz – You can take the man out of the bog, but you can’t take the bog out of the man.

  17. I spit my tea all over my desk and computer screen! I love love love this blog. Its the highlight of my day.

    Laurie ( a Canadian fan of all your writings)

  18. Aw, thanks, Laurie!

    I hope you’re not going to blame me for your unsavoury habits though?

    I think I’ll add this to my Testimonials page…. 😉

  19. It’s the highlight of my day …

    Good for you, Laurie.

    I bet you were expecting something sarcastic … see, I can be nice, when the courts demand it.

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