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  1. Please note, at this point, that the McCanns have consulted Pinochet’s lawyer, the one who defended him when Spain was attempting to extradite him.

    I suspect they had pretty good PR from the beginning; as you say, lots of children disappear every year.

  2. had a similar post the other day. “Searching for Madelaine”

    It was the first time I put into print my thoughts on the subject. I repeat them here:

    My late Mother-in-Law had a saying: There is nowt as queer as folk!

    I find the whole McCann case very creepy. They seemed happy to hang on in Portugal UNTIL they became official suspects.

    My niece was a Sudden cot death victim way back in the seventies. My brother and sister-in-law were grief stricken and they tortured themselves with worry that they had contributed in some way to her death. They still had to carry on with work and the normal tasks of daily living.

    What has happened to the McCann’s Medical positions. Have they resigned from work? What are they living on? I could go on and on. I try hard not to judge but…..

  3. Oh, by the way, prepare to receive lots of comments from mad people. I made a post about the whole thing a while back, and got about ten complaints. The interesting thing is that none of them were from regular readers; they were all from people googling for the term.

  4. I’m prepared for that Robert!

    Grannymar – Yes. Creepy is another word.

    Before any newcomers start ranting at me, I have a daughter and two grandchildren.

    I’m not casting accusations anywhere. I’m not coming up with any theories [though I have them..]. I’m just saying that the images we see of the parents are so apparently staged. The teddy bear in the arms; the quiet nod at the cameras….


  5. Aha . . something fishy alright but beware the trial by media. This smacks of the Chamberlain Trial in the 70’s . . remember? The Dingo got her baby? Actually it did and her sentence was quashed 4 years later. . . .then people do the damndest things thinking they won’t get caught. For example:

    We just had a three year old girl l left at a train station in Melbourne of all places. Turns out she’s from NZ, Chinese immigrant parents. Martial arts guru Dad dispatches mum with a sword and leaves her in the boot of their car in Auckland. He then books a ticket to the US via Australia (Why? Who knows, it’s quicker/Cheaper to fly from Auckland to LA) . . anyway, he walks the three year old into the station in full view of video cameras and leaves her standing near the escalator. He takes off, catches a plane to the land of taser where Interpol are now tracking him down?

    At what point did he think he would remain at liberty . . . ? He’s still free but not for long. We know who he is, what he looks like, what he did . . .

    I’d like to be able to solve the Macann mystery tho . . .I hate suspense. Interestingly, both Madeliene and Azaria were supposedly ‘taken’ whilst their siblings slept. No witnesses.

  6. Yes, Baino. I saw that on the news last night. A poor kid looking totally bewildered while her dad walks away and leaves her.

    There was a case here over 20 years ago where Philip Cairns, a 13 year old, went missing on his way to school in the Dublin suburbs. No trace of him was ever found. It has stuck in my memory for some reason.

    In all these cases, it’s the ‘not knowing’ that is the problem.

    The McCann case is different though in the sheer volume of media hype. Bizarre.

  7. Grandad, I was in Second Life recently and saw posters of “maddie” in a few places. with “please report to me if you see her” and an arrow pointing to some avatar of a chic looking lady. Anyways……..after a while I was dawdling along somewhere, I think it was near a beach, with really nice wave affects an all, and I was sure I saw “maddie” riding a donkey wearing a hat with the ears cut out, maddie that is. Now while I wasnt exactly sure it was her I was 100% it was, if you know what I mean. I mean I wouldnt swear to it but it it was her. She looked a bit older, about 5 months older, and her avatar did look a bit weary. I wanted to report it to the chic lady on the poster arrow, but what if she didnt believe me and then, oh excuse me, the Pope is at the door….

  8. Don’t tell me they have posters of her in Second Life? You can’t be serious?

    This world has gone completely insane…..

    I think I’ll take all my clothes off and run down to the village singing ‘The Hills are Alive with the the Sound of Music’ at the top of my voice..

  9. Now Grandad, you don wanna be frightenin the natives in de village, you’d never pull off a song like dat. Yes her posters are there in Second Life and I am beginning to think that is where she is. But dont tell anyone I said that, as the press will be trapsin all over de garden, actually now that i think of it, i didnt see anything, honest, it was all a dream, jeez, thats all i need, Sky News settin up camp in the porch, or wherever it is they hang out these days, the roof? under ground bunkers? Actually now that i think of it even more, i suspect Sky News may have invented the whole story, i mean dey were pretty hard up for stories, what with everyone bored to death with the war an all.

  10. And people wonder why I’ve never taken a look at Second Life…!

    Have you been taking your pills, JonnyRep? You know what the doctor told you!

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