I've been Meeja'd again — 8 Comments

  1. Robert – RTE Guide? I’d sink that low? Forget it.

    Ian – I never give my real name [if I can remember what it is] even when I’m in the Dáil. You can interview me any time. But you might not like the answers? Or maybe I have THE answers?!

  2. Darlin many thanks for a super cool interview.

    I’m lovin yer blog and yer daughter’s mighty witty too.

    Now I’ll have to return to my fabulous life where I twirl my hair and pretend to not notice that W is behaving beastly.


    The sweet warm womb of apathy engulfs me.

  3. Dankoozy – Meeja = Irish/English way of referring to the media. Meeja’d is my own invention, meaning ‘to be filmed or interviewed’. I always wanted to invent a word.

    Sue – It was a pleasure. Maybe I should interview you in return? 😉

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