If only I could speak French — 11 Comments

  1. Free Air Conditioning, what more do you want?

    Heard a French Estate Agent talking about ‘all those english speakers’ who follow the dream of sunshine and easy living you are talking about. They go over purchase broken down farmhouses, renovate etc….

    She says they last approx three years before selling up and going home!

  2. Three years is enough for me. With all that dirt cheap [and very good] wine, I’ll be dead of cirrhosis of the liver by then. and I’ll go with a smile on my face.

  3. Incidentally, I should have said that the two bottom photographs [including the thermometer] were taken in that part of France this time last year. Yes – 43 degrees in September!

    It’s about 16 degrees now and I have the damned central heating on. Enough said……..

  4. It all goes to show that there’s no “perfect” place to live, at least one that a majority of people can agree on. Chicago is wonderful, but it certainly is expensive! My brother says that I could have bought a whole town in Utah (where he lives) for what I paid for my condo. Unfortunately, I have no desire to live in Utah.

    Marlys (Seniorwriter)

  5. You’re right, of course, Marlys. I love Ireland. It’s where I was born and it’s where I have lived my entire life. I just wish that we could have a climate that was reasonably predictable. I could put up with the wet windy winters if I knew that we were guaranteed a few weeks of hot summer.
    So far this year we have had one short heatwave [in May?] and a few sunny days this month. The rest has been cold and very wet.
    As for prices – I could sell my little three bedroom cottage here in Ireland and buy a Napoleon III 10 bedroom chateau, with caretakers lodge and outbuildings, on 20 acres, and still have change!!

  6. Grandad,

    If you planned it carefully, you could find a small commune, buy every property and occupy the Mairie yourself. You could then pass a local bye law introducing the speaking of English as a requirement of residence.


    – just in from a funeral on a day when the autumn is definitely in the air

  7. My Dad is 71. He left scholl at 12. Last year he completed his French and History leaving cert and got a B in French. Never studied it before. He is off to do a French conversation course now, so its very possible. Oh and he works part time too.

  8. Hi Magicmatilda,

    All I can say is that I take my wooley hat off to him. Fair play!!

    I was always rotten at languages. I preferred maths and art. I can speak French, but when I do, French people give me funny looks.

  9. Found you via Sue-Doe-Nim’s place. Lovely blog.

    BTW, the French give me funny looks when I speak French as well. I assume it’s my pathetic American accent.

  10. Hi Miche and welcome.

    I see you speak French though? In my case I think I have just asked someone for directions, but in fact I’ve just told them that their mother is a flea ridden camel!

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