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  1. or that George W has just waged war against Sweden?
    Now I’m just downright insulted!!!
    Everyone and their brother knows that there is no need to invade Sweden. All GWB would have to do in announce he had taken over the Swedish government and is going to raising their taxes some more. He will have the instant support of all Swedes!
    He can save our troops for the invasion of important targets like Gort or Cavan!

  2. Nice one, Ian 🙂

    Brianf – Everyone knows George W can’t spell. The only reason he invaded Iraq was because he couldn’t spell Afghanistan. If he invades Sweden, it’s because he meant to invade Sudan.

  3. ‘But why would I feel a sudden need to order my groceries while sitting in the bus on the way to work?’

    Do you really get a bus from the kitchen to the shed at the bottom of the garden every morning? 🙂

  4. Hear! Hear! Well voiced Grandad! The addiction to iPods reminds me of another habit we see so much of today – people who can’t seem to go anywhere without clutching a bottle of water.


    btw – when the Blackberry first appeared it very quickly became known as a ‘Crack’berry because of it’s addictive qualities

  5. Steph – That water bottle thing is part of the brainwashing from television. They see sports people and others do it on screen, and without even being told to, they start copying it. Pathetic.

    And don’t call her Sue Dim-Wit. That is not nice!!!

  6. You’re so right! Too many people, mostly young, seem to be “plugged in” to some device 99% of the time. When do they think, or do they? Besides, they get so engrossed in their conversations that they knock down little old ladies just walking along the street.

  7. Marlys – Not only do they have to be plugged in all the time, but it has to be at full volume. I know I sound like an old fart now, but there is going to be a lot of people with severe hearing problems in the next twenty or thirty years.

  8. Ahh . . listen to you lot! We don’t have the network for iPhone down here so not big deal although iPod are now selling teensy weensy ones with video screens . . .now I might want to shop on the internet but I don’t want to watch telly on a postage stamp. They make a useful portable hard drive tho! Actually, I’m talking out of my *rse because I don’t know how to use one. I’m one of those antiques who still buys CDs! Someone’s got to keep the music industry afload!

  9. the iphone and ipod thing is simple grandad its for people who think things make them better. so they spend thousands for overpriced gadgets in an effort to try to raise their self esteem but unfortunately all it means is they need to buy the next “it” thing to make themselves feel better

    By the way i have a crackberry, bare bones minimum one that nobody covets but it allows me to text message northern Ireland or did atleast when it mattered

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