Three wheel mobility — 8 Comments

  1. Grandad,

    So happy you like my gift. You look good on it.

    Himself,Ziggy and I used to ride around on it but the Pennsylvania State Police stopped us and explained that we were not using it correctly.

    He said Himself was NOT supposed to be in the box and Ziggy was not properly licensed to operate it. I refused to go in the box so we decided to send it to you. I see you figured it all out a little better than we did.

    After looking at your picture I am tempted to ask for it back!

  2. Sean – It’s OK. I usually sit in the back seat and let Herself pedal.

    Nancy – I think we have it figured out. Thank you ever so much. But you can’t have it back now.

    Grannymar – We’ll be dropping in this afternoon… 😉

  3. Nancy,
    If you ever in the HBG area. Look me up.
    I could use a trike too….ya’ know…..and I have a beard of sorts…like

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