Jedi Jihad — 13 Comments

  1. Grannymar – Apparently. Though he’s still arguing over the company name. I don’t know why.

    Ian – Guess where I’m going on my holidays next year?!!

  2. I’m developing a guidance system for anti-personel missles that will distinguish, track and target Range Rovers. Maybe I’ll work on a giudance system to target Jedis too.

    BTW. I would like to nominate this blog for S.H.I.T. Gloden Crab award for being the original S.H.I.T. site.

  3. Brianf – Can you please put me down for 500 of those missiles please. There is a strong rumour going around here that SUVs are soon to be licensed.

    Which blog? Yours or mine?

  4. Anybody remember the Monster Raving Loony Party?

    They made the Jedi look like elder statesmen.

    They proposed that the White Cliffs of Dover be painted blue for camouflage purposes and that the number 13 be abolished due to its longstanding unpopularity.

    And you think the USA or Oz has all the “Fringe” element?

  5. Ah Ian . . how well informed you are . . .tis true. Thank goodness the force is with them. Could become handy during the forthcoming election. We could do with a few mind readers and light sabre weilders in our bland political landscape!

  6. Baino – Don’t be fooled by them. They have to be culled. as Ian points out – they are a problem. They are worse than rabbits.

    Nancy – The Monster Raving Looney Party was the only sane party in the UK. Screaming Lord Sutch was my hero.

    Thanks Brianf. Now I have to go to the trouble of writing a post about that…….

  7. It has hearby been agreed by the council of morm-jordil that grandad is guilty of disrespect to the jedi religion. due procedure is that a tribunal will be set up up to investigate these allegations.
    The tribunal will be a ‘virtual’ tribunal ie it will be done on the internet.
    A textbox entry will be provided for you so that you will be able to defend yourself.
    If you are found guilt you will be banned from all sites conventions , prayer meetings in relation to the jedi religion and star wars in general.
    You will be notified when the procedings will begin and you will be given a login and a password to participate in your defence
    may the force always be with you


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