Blogging has its uses — 7 Comments

  1. Blogs are great??

    I have come to realise two things:
    1) I would sooner read Kevin Myers than I would 99.99% of blogs (and the Lord above knows I hate Kevin Myers);
    2) The main reason I failed most of my courses last year is, oddly enough, blogging.

    Great for retirees, not for students.

  2. You’re right about 1. But this bloke is so bad that when I told him that journalists blogged, he replied that they couldn’t be proper journalists then!!

    I had a shrewd idea about 2. That’s why a part of me is very glad you quit. Until the studies are over, of course….

  3. Daz,

    If you worked in the Church of Ireland, where the average congregation is six old ladies and a dog (plus one of the old lady’s cousins when she comes for a visit), you would realize that a blog reaches considerably more people than you see on a Sunday. On a good day I get about twenty visitors to my blog, but over the past six months I have had 1500 unique visitors – that’s three times the number who claim to belong to my parish, most of whom only come to church when they are dead. There were about a hundred people at my church yesterday, I get more than that on my blog every week.

    My blog is my escape from humdrum things – like discussing the cobwebs in the church hall (I kid not!) and it’s brought me into touch with all sorts of people – like Grandad, and his mates Ron and Dick.

  4. Can’t believe you were so easily distracted from accounting?

    Liking the music idea but suspect visitor numbers would drop off if forced to listen to Wet Wet Wet on auto repeat.

  5. Blogging really is great . . . it’s better than Tuesday night telly, keeps my hands busy, prevents me from becoming anal retentive and cleaning out my bathroom cupboard, provides me with loads of potential couches to crash on around the world and where else would I be called a ‘c’ by a 19 year old, ‘technogirly’ by a 48 year old Gunslinger ‘sweetheart’ by one o’ them 35 year old Southern boys, Kanga by a yarpie and have an excuse not to do my vacuuming on Saturday mornings! Yep, I’m dirty but happy!

  6. Flirty – Would I subject my listeners to Wet Wet Wet? I have very good [well, reasonable] [well, crap] taste in music.

    Baino – The bottom line – blogging is better sometimes than reality! 🙂

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