How to disembowel a bus — 14 Comments

  1. You will be a long time waiting for the Police.

    I’m surprised no one thought of gathering up as much Diesel as possible and dumping it into their heating oil tank.

    Missed an opportunity there.

  2. Oops.. I’m up in the North. That’s why there is Union Jack beside my name.

    Normal service will be resumed at the weekend.

  3. As I speak [type], I am syphoning the diesel through my telephone into a tank. I use kerosene for my heating, but our K8 has a diesel car.

  4. You learned a lot about buses for sure. Then the best way to learn about anything is to dismantle it.

    It wasn’t a Bombardier bus was it? That’d explain why it exploded.

  5. Grandad,

    “They removed all the Imp buses because they kept going on fire.”

    Hmmmmm…… I know just the person to send over there with his Thunderbird fire extinguisher.

  6. Maybe the diesel fuel that poured intothe Eircom manhole will add a spark to your internet connection!

    Robert why did you not call in for a cuppa while on the whistlestop trip to the north.

  7. Sneezy – I have enough pieces in my garden to make a new one. I’ll find out then if it was a Bombardier.

    Nancy – For some very strange reason, three of them went on fire in this area. I swear I had nothing to do with it.

    Grannymar – Fortunately, I don’t use Eircom. That’s why my Internet connection is so good. And leave Robert alone. You and your appetite for toy boys!!!!

  8. Grandad – Grannymar is alright. I can handle myself I think! Although I’m spoken for 😐

    Grannymar my whistlestop tour lasts another two days. I was in Belfast last night, working Newry at the moment, Downpatrick tomorrow then back to Newry tomorrow night and then back to Belfast and flying back to Cork Friday night.

    I should make it back to my home town before closing time on Friday night 😉

  9. I understood fuel for Dublin buses was a mixture of diesel and PPL, would that make it burn hotter?

    When I lived in the country I had a central heating boiler that ran on 35 sec heating oil, rather than the 28 sec kerosene. Odd ones amongst the parishioners used to say that it was so I could run the car on the stuff. I hesitated to point out that it was because they were too mean to put in a more modern and efficient boiler. Anyway, the excise men used to put dye in the 35 sec stuff and would have sneaky checkpoints on back roads in Co Down where they would dip vehicle tanks.

  10. Hold on Ian. PPL = People? Dublin Bus are mixing passengers with their fuel?

    I suppose it makes sense. As long as they pay their fare before they are melted down.

  11. Sorry, PPO! The stuff you cook your chips in.

    Running buses on PPL would be very smelly. Mind you with all the passengers who travel free, using PPL might at least generate some return for Dublin Bus.

  12. It’s amazing the result of a simple typo! You have just answered all their problems!!

    Mind you, I did suggest before that Mary Harney could be melted down for bio-fuel.

  13. Grandad – she bares a distinct resemblance to the back of a bus – maybe she’ll explode! 🙂

  14. I love double-decker buses. Once caught one from London to Leeds and thought the thing was going to tip over. We don’t have them here except those open top things for tourists. (Easier to shoot at them without the roof on). My tractor runs on deisel, can you send some? Quite an eventful night alright!

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