The Golden S.H.I.T. Awards — 31 Comments

  1. Awww! Thank you Lena. I’m too shy and modest.

    Anyway what would I put in as the Reason?

    “This site is renowned for fostering good relations with our American cousins”


  2. Are those awards just for Ireland, Europe, the world, or what? Anyway, I second the motion: you should nominate Head Rambles as Best Blogging Site. After all, you actually accept comments from an admitted American toiurist, me!

    Seniorwriter, of “Never too Late!”

  3. Cathy [welcome, by the way!] – Silver hair is not a prerequisite for entry. That is merely the name of my company. I haven’t worked out the details yet as to entry requirements, judging criteria, how much I make out of it etc., yet.

  4. Marlys – I think they should be open to everyone? I haven’t worked it out yet. I’ll have my nap first.

    Anyway I’m not talking to you. And you are excluded. You went and added Grannymar to your site and left me out!! ๐Ÿ™

  5. Excellent idea Grandad? Can I be in the ‘Best Berties 3rd Nipple Site’ Category?

    I promise better commenting in a while Grandad. Most of my office is on holiday/out sick/lost interest/couldn’t be bothered so it’s a bit manic here.

  6. ‘Excellent idea Grandad?’ ??? I wasn’t asking a question I was making a statement. Grrrr. I need a break.

  7. Thanks B3n. No. I don’t think you could have your own category. But there again? If everyone had their own category, everyone would be winners!!

    Imagine failing to win in your own category though…..

    Most of my office is on holiday/out sick/lost interest/couldnโ€™t be bothered so itโ€™s a bit manic here.

    A normal working day, so?

  8. Call me arty farty but the term Web ‘Design’ is misused. It’s thrown about as if good design is being able to put in a shopping cart – once you get over all the flash – when it should also look and feel good. I clicked on some of the winners and I’ve never seen a more boring collection. They might have functionality (didn’t go that far) but they look like a dog’s breakfast as if they were designed by someone who was colour challenged. Gimme something easy to navigate that looks pretty and I’m a happy camper. Having said that I’d be proud to be the recipient of a S.H.I.T. award! Actually, I’d be proud to be the recipient of any award (I am an underachiever).

  9. Grandad: At first I didn’t understand your charge that I had added Grannymar to my site and not you, since I had not added anybody on “Never too Late!” Then it occurred to me that you were talking about Ronni Bennett’s site, “Time Goes By,” not mine. I don’t mind being confused with Ronni; she’s been at this longer than I have, and has a great blog! Still, I hope you don’t really think all of us female American bloggers are the same person. There are actually quite a lot of us.

    Seniorwriter, of “Never too Late!”

  10. My apologies, Marlys. You are right, of course. I was confused. I still am confused and probably always will be, but I did mix up the sites.

    And of course I know there is more than one female blogger in America. There are four. Right? I mean, there’s Diane who is doing her best to insult me above [I think? I’m thick skinned either way] for a start.

    Anyway, I’m still not talking to you because every time you comment, you put in your web address as, and I have to keep editing it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Flirty – Do you really want one of those badges? Of course I can claim credit for your site now that Ron isn’t around ๐Ÿ™‚

    And just to prove it, I’ve just moved your Statcounter button to where it belongs, because it was annoying me [the way it was floating about]……

    If you want a badge, you’ll have to compete for it like everyone else. But I still haven’t made out the rules….

  12. Baino – You should be on the judging panel of the GS awards. The last lot of winners were nothing outstanding at all. They all failed to conform to coding rules.

    It’s like the short list for the Booker Prize consisting of a load of bland books full of grammatical and spelling errors.

    Don’t get me started!!!!

  13. Don’t be slacking, Grandad. On with it then! ๐Ÿ™‚ Where’s the rules?

    Oh, you forgot buttered eggs! They never harden. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Me, me, me, me, Grandad, I probably do have a shitty site. But I linked you and Grannymar at the same time. Plus K8 too. (It makes it easier for me to get to you.)

  15. Hoof – You’re trying to get to me? Now I’m worried.

    You might get an award for “Person Most Keen to get an Award” but we will all have to wait and see……..

    P.S. You shite isn’t sitty. Sorry – Your site isn’t shitty.

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