SHUT UP! — 9 Comments

  1. American Tourists take note!

    Now you know how to get your own back at Grandad.

    Grandad I am sure Brianf would lend you some Ear muffs if you asked nicely. 😛

  2. Hah! As soon as I posted this, the alarm stopped.

    They must have read it.

    Cowards! Some people have no guts for a fight…

  3. That is just an irritation. I’d expect better of Ron.

    I HATE those alarms because they are utterly useless. No one takes the slightest bit of notice of them. They just irritate people. And they are so dammed suburban.

    Anyway, the weather is fine now, and I’ve just been out practising my golf. Their house is now beautifully decorated with dog poo.

  4. “This is just an irritation. I’d expect better of Ron”

    Don’t be too smug, Grandad. Maybe this was just the opening salvo.

  5. Not to be too alarmist, but my neighbour’s burglar alarm went off for 72 hours last week. I went around to check it out but, strangely, there was nobody home. Even more strangely there were no curtains or furniture in the house. So, either (a) there was a frenzied attack, everything had been robbed, and they were lying helpless upstairs or (b) they had moved out. As I have it in print that they do not want to speak to us anymore on account of a tree issue (second most common reason why neighbours stop speaking, the most common being dogs), and the alarm battery has obviously now worn out, I will never know.
    And, where is my prize?

  6. Baino – The best kind of burglar alarm. In our last place, every house was burgled except ours. They all had alarms, we had a dog. [Also our house was the shabbiest!].

    Baffled – Ah! The good old tree issue! Cupressus Leylandii – makers of good neighbours. I don’t speak to my neighbours. Maybe it’s because of my golf practice with dog poo, or burning down their extensions; I don’t know. They’re an unfriendly lot.

    You got a congratulations. What more do you want?

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