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  1. ‘Now I have to wade through the penis enlargements, and see if any of them are any good.’

    Now ther is some admission from a Man!!!!!!

  2. Try the one where you tie a 2 pound weight to your whatsit and let it dangle down your trowsers for a couple months. I don’t know if it works but it sounds incredibly painful and highly embarrasing so I know you are just the man to test drive the concept and give us a full report on it.

    Good luck shorty

  3. I am not worried about myself. None of the women in the area have Herself has never complained. I have been asked by K8 a friend to be on the lookout for their boyfriend.

  4. ‘Tis neither the length nor the breadth of it that matters, but the educated arse behind it.

  5. The poor bloke probably spent half the morning scratching his head and muttering about silly old farts… Then he probably told his mates to send you some further information on penis enlargements – I mean, he does have all your details, doesn’t he.

  6. AV – It’s probably himself and his mates who are originating them in the first place. I know there are some very big pr*cks working there anyway..!

  7. Grandad,

    Do you realize that more money is being spent on Enlargements and Viagra and breast implants than on Alzheimers research?

    By 2040 I figure there will be a large population of elderly people with perky breasts and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.

  8. ROTFPML!!


    Whoa, awful case of insulting whooping cough lately. Txtspk s lik nt cul.
    On an unrelated note, if you get any ads for some of those pills, send them my way …

  9. Doc – I think you’re taking the wrong pills again?

    Daz – I have dispatched this weeks mail to you in an articulated lorry. Reading them will keep you up all night…..

  10. Hmmmm…no all 3 of those pills and the button were the correct ones, in the proper sequence.

    Ahhhhh…I see: you think I was commenting on this post! Sorry, it was a trackback ping from my own site as a…

    Well, a small courtesy, really.

    About a tiny upcoming change in your life.

    Certainly nothing to fret about…

    Curious…how big is your place?

  11. Ah! It didn’t appear as a trackback for some reason.

    So you are coming to live here? That’s fine. I’ll clear out the garden shed [it’s about 8 foot by 4 foot. That OK?].

  12. “the garden shed ”

    oh, i think we will be ale to do better – i bring great news…ah, this IS exciting!

  13. If you’ve won the state lottery, then you can have my side of the bed, and I’ll have the shed. At a price…..

  14. Thanks, one brand promises to make my penis as long as a fire hose!

    Now no one can say I can’t put out fires with it …

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