Lament to an old friend — 9 Comments

  1. I have a feeling Ron has departed the area. Things have been quiet for the last few days.

    Anyway, Mick wouldn’t tamper with a pint. He’s much too good for that.

  2. Hey, you got a new front! When did that happen? I read you in RSS, so I didn’t know you remolded. You’re always talking about taking the back off. You need to tell us when you mess with the front. Or have I not been paying attention again?

    Re Ron – placid as in calm? or placid as in flaccid?

  3. Dear Ron,
    I am in receipt of your most recent correspondence. Thank you for you most generous offer for the Stinger Anti-Personel missles as well as for the M1A Abrams tank. You are offering almost twice what I was offered by ETA. At this point in time I find I must cordially decline. You see the global tourist seasons have been quite good to me this year so I find myself in the envious position of being able to decline to make shipments. I must also point out that I already have a few clients in both the Republic of Ireland as well as the occupied counties of Ulster. Those Irish boys have really kept my shipping department quite busy but let’s keep that on the QT.
    Again I thank you for your most generous offer but I must decline.


  4. Sixty – If you got off your backside and visited from time to time, you’d see all the eciting things going on here!

    Steph – You still have problems??????

    Brianf – If you want to write to Ron, please do so directly. Anyway thank you for honouring our exclusivity clause in the contract. You supply arms to me, and me alone [in Ireland, anyway. What you do abroad is your business]

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