My loving daughter — 5 Comments

  1. Be caredull signing any and all official documents especially those marked DEED

    Dont worry Grandad they have fabulous hot springs in Rejyavik and i understand the fermented shark is to die for

  2. Grandad,

    Everything is working out fine.

    Grannymar and I and the rest of our retirement group will be living on the cruise ship Cialis and we will definetely call at Reykjavik and pick you, Granny and Sandy up.

    That leaves the house, the taxes, the garden and American tourists to the kids.

    Life is Good!

  3. Sean – The deeds to the estate are in a very secure place where she’ll never think of looking [under the mattress].

    Nancy – You make the future sound so good [*goes off to practice his nurse groping techniques*]

  4. its the new floors and plumbers..they are starting to worry about the inheritance..they feel the need to keep a close eye on your mad spending..they must be worried about you a nd by keeping their possessions in your house they can visit anytime on the petext of visiting their things.

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