Smoking makes you live longer — 22 Comments

  1. Although it’s a strange kind of logic you’ve implied there Grandad and I’m not sure the HSE would agree with you, I’m inclined to agree. A positive and happy mental attitude is extremely important when it comes to good health.
    Congrats on the new site layout. I’m lovin the photo of you.

  2. All my logic is impeccable. [and f*ck the HSE – shower of money wasters]

    Apparently, mental wellbeing and genetics are the most important factors in longevity. Other things like smoking, obesity and hang-gliding just introduce risks.

    I’m not sure I like the parsing of your last sentence. You love my photo? Or, you are loving my photo? If the latter, then please stop. That’s disgusting.

  3. The not so funny thing is that Mental health and well being seem to be way down the list in the HSE’s budget. More people die each year from suicide than on the roads, yet suicide awareness and prevention gets only a fraction of the funding.

  4. Robert – I completely agree. 400 and something road deaths, and at least 500 suicides [considering that the vast majority don’t get reported as such]. It’s ridiculous when you consider the television advertising, the road signs, the laws the penalty points and all that crap to try to reduce road deaths, and rarely a word about depression and suicide.

    I keep my server at Zulu Time so I can keep track of when America is going to attack me.

    Steph – I never thought of it that way! 🙂


    I must put a health thingy on the wrapping.


  5. Grandad,

    As Miss South Carolina so profoundly put it:

    “A person shouldn’t smoke because U.S.A. Americans will not live longer but cigarette smoke is not better than pipe smoke. See?”

  6. Thank heaven, I have given up smoking again!… God! I feel fit. Homicidal, but fit. A different man. Irritable, moody, depressed, rude, nervy, perhaps; but the lungs are fine. ~A.P. Herbert

  7. It’s not the smoking that’ll kill me it’s the poverty inflicted by the price of the things and the accompanying alcohol!

  8. A pleasure 😉

    I think you’re trying to test my eyesight too!

    ‘Grant me etc’ is a great line – for those who can read it.

    My hearing’s perfect so no swearing!

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  10. Baino – Distil/brew your own. You can also grow your own tobacco [heh!]. Much cheaper.

    Steph – That any better? Any more complaints?

    COMSEC – F**k off.

  11. I decided not to smoke unless I was having a beer. Made sense really, cutting back on the gaspers and becoming a ” Social smoker ” ( read hiding from the kids ), until I became a alcholic. Can’t stop drinking, can’t stop smoking.

    What’s that about choosing your poison !

  12. Hi Sniffle [& Cry],

    A friend of mine had the reverse habit. He made a policy of never smoking when he was drinking. It was strange as the two usually go together. It worked though.

    He has since given up.

    Have you thought about switching alcohol and cigarettes for pot? Or else try the pipe!

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