The lights are on but there is nobody in.. — 14 Comments

  1. aaaah, Grandad – that’s just cruel.

    I had that bit of fluff over just now – don’t I love them fetchingly dim though? – and was doing all right until she saw your post. I then had to take the next 30 minutes to explain that she was way past…uh, ‘mentally challenged’. Mind you, I don’t think she ever really GOT the concept, but enough of it sunk in to put her off, so out the door she huffed, head high, shoulders back, with one last adorabble wave and a wink in my direction…

  2. Doc – You’ll have to lay off these bimbos. They’re not good for your health [I should know].

    I feel very sorry for her – she was doing all the right things – staying cheerful and smiling, trying to come up with an intelligent answer and all in front of a massive audience. But the brain wasn’t in gear. Poor kid..!

  3. You just had to pick on “South Carolina” didn’t you! 🙂 You are sooo wrong for that, Grandad….

    Not only am I an American, but also a “South Carolinian” or “South Cackalackian”. 🙂

  4. You’ve been acused of making snide comments???

    They tried to ban me from Xbox Live because I was annoying Americans too much by telling them exactly what I thought of them.

    You’re an Americophile compared to me, you are.

  5. Robert – I confess to being an avid hater of American sitcom [I even hate that expression]. The last American comedy I remember watching on a regular basis was the Rowan and Martin Laugh In. So I’m afraid references to “Saved by the Bell” are over my head. K8 saw the video, but said nothing? Maybe she was being polite in my presence?

    Daz – You know I love Americans. Especially on boiled rice. And they make such great targets, figuratively and literally.

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