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  1. Steph – I will carry on, year after year in the hopes that my heroin heroine will turn up.

    Grannymar – I was wondering about doing that. I slobber at the thought of the dressing room and all the groping possibilities, but the pipe and the beard might be a givaway.

  2. Now THAT would be fun! You could quietly ‘do away with’ Ray D’Arcy and present your own version of “a Rose by any other name”.

  3. …did someone mention groping (nearly) underage, (nearly) nude, (nearly) attractive girls?!?

    and the only impediment is soem lightweight talk show host? heck, i’ll go through him like shrub through powder…

  4. okay – just browsed the Rose of Tralee International Festival web site and saw Ray D’arcy: need to revise my estimate – i figure he’ll fold like a cardboard box in the rain…

  5. Manuel – Nah. They’re all Siobhan or Mary or something. To be honest, I couldn’t tell one from another. The Texas Rose may have had some oil concealed somewhere..?

    Doc – Mind the heart!! Don’t worry about D’Arcy. I’ll see him off tonight.

  6. Ahhh, but they’re all luvely girls! I hid the TV last night. Told MsB3N that I saw it disappearing down a mouse hole in the sitting room.

  7. Grandad,

    What? Those girls don’t have very high ambitions, do they?

    Our Miss America contestants are only in the contest to make enough money to go to medical school and find a cure for cancer. OR, they plan to start a foundation to stop Date rape, OR they want the wild monkeys of Borneo who are in the Bronx Zoo released back into the

    They have important stuff on their minds(?) and must win the contest in order to save the World with their beauty.

    No wonder you would rather pull your teeth out with pliers than watch it.

  8. you see there is a way of dealing with the tourists without actually shooting them ,put them up with ray d’arcy and they never come back and their families are so mortified they couldn’t show their faces again. mind you i don’t get why the locals do it some form of weird growing up ritual that some young ones feel the need to perform so they can face the weirder world of adulthood.better than mooning people in strange lands one supposes or have any of the roses tried that!

  9. Bet on how many actually get shagged by their bachelor escorts.

    Or do what we did one year. Turn down the sound of the TV and dub their voices with with your own.

    Points awarded for the most vulgar Rose.

  10. Hmmmm! Roses mooning at the camera! Now I like that idea. I might try that tonight [I’m blogging on the train at the moment].

    SID – Knowing the Lads from Kerry – 95% It’s a wonder that nobody had dubbed the video and put it on YouTube. There ya go SID… Something for you to do.

  11. Its all true. There are in fact several factories pumping them out. I have a few of them in the shed, but they are deactivated and only good for scrap. you see the ones i have are second hand. I have been looking for spare parts for them on ebay but they are too expensive

    I want to get one running again so i can install netbsd on her and use her as a sort of slave but not a sex slave cause i’m not the filty pervert everybody thinks I am, and maybe she can be my webserver as well. Its a bit like the mail order russian brides from long ago, but Russia has gone up market now, only the elite can afford a russian one these days and peasants like me have to settle for used, second hand, logbook full high mileage ones that don’t work anymore.

    maybe someday they will be able to do simple tasks for me. the software that is loaded on them when you get them is useless and the chinese bastards want me to pay them €150 for a freaking serial cable to reprogram them but i’ll make my own

  12. Dankoozy – Have you tries Linux? Either that, or give them a reboot up the arse.

    Flirty – Not a bad idea. I can enter Herself, and all. [I might even put my own name in the hat?]

  13. @grandad – nobody made a port of it to run on brain. and the 2.6 kernel is too big to fit in their pea sized brains anyway even if there was a port

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