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  1. I predict a very busy and a very nasty future for you lol

    Them muricans don’t believe any one who is not a murican have the right to criticize there cumhander and cheese lol

    Excelent grasp of the language if only the wee shrubbery had half your gift

  2. I predict a very busy and a very nasty future for you

    And who said retirement would be dull?

    You have to feel sorry for the Wee Shrubbery though. He is obviously in way over his depth. He hasn’t a clue what is really going on. He has to rely on God to tell him what to do, and maybe the line is bad? Or he’s talking to the wrong God?

  3. The tourist hunting season here is starting to pick up all of a sudden. Plenty of foreign registered cars about and not Polish or Lithuanian for a change.

  4. WHERE???? I’m packing the car as I type. The buggers have deserted this area [unless I’ve culled them all?]. I’ll be with you as quickly as I can break the speed limits.

  5. Down here at the not so sunny southeast. We are on the border with Waterford so there could be some bonus points to be had by culling some of them.

  6. All started by a man who describes himself and his own countrypeople as pubic wigs.

    ‘My fellow Merkins…….’

  7. Aloominum!

    Spanyard season is in full swing. I’ve wracked up 370 points on random kills. I gave myself a bonus 50 points for the playground explosion as that was pure genius on my part.

  8. The shopping centres are the place for the Spanyoyos. Good score K8. Fair play [hah!] for the playground. Which reminds me – I must re-mine the public tennis courts again…..

  9. I popped a few shots off on an English tourist yesterday! How many points do I get? 🙂

    Remind me not to visit, until you’ve exhausted the bullet supply!

  10. Depends…
    Was it a scare, a near miss, a graze, a flesh wound or did you splatter his/her brains across the county?

  11. Ah, it was a near miss! He was squirming too much after the first shot, which took out a street map! At least, he’ll be lost, until I return. 🙂

  12. You popped off “a few shots” and yet “it was a near miss”? You badly need some practice. Either talk to Brianf, or I’ll give you some lessons when you are over.

  13. 500 points for a Luxemburger? You can get them for €2.50 in Big Macs.

    Seriously though, if you can bag an Andorran, that’s a good one.

  14. THe crazy thing is, people have actually taken you seriously with this …

    Were humourectomies 2-for-1 this week or something??

  15. LOL I was thinking about moving “home” to ireland, but after reading this blog, and the fack that I can’t bring my popguns [read GUNS] to ireland, the the fact that some in the land of the green seem to think that a rock crapper is made of gold, I might just stay home…. with our wee shrubb and his cray stuff. Unless, he get us all killed that is.


  16. Don’t worry, Daz. Mercans love being shot at. That’s why they have so many guns over there.

  17. Bloodroyal – As you say yourself, you are moving home. You will be welcomed [if you can afford it]. All you have to do is lose the Mercan accent [assuming you have one] and we’ll supply the popguns.

  18. Thanks! I have been surprised with the cost of living in Ireland. I know I can get a job, but will I have the quality of life that the extra cost of living should provide?

    We shall see. I plan on making another trip back in about 3 months. I shall start looking for property in the center of the country.


  19. And bear in mind we don’t do everything in Instant Obesity portions over hwere …

    And to quote WB Yeats (I must be losing it when I’m quoting him):
    Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone, it’s with O’Leary in the grave.
    And if that was 1913, think how much the country has changed in 96 years …

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