It never rains but it pours — 21 Comments

  1. Dear unhappy Bunny – I think incontinence pads might be required here – to deal with all the little sh*ts and leaks in your life right now! Whatever happens, don’t let that nice new floor get damp!

  2. Jesus, not on the new floor! Hey if the floor guy is still there, get him to make an ARK instead of putting down a floor.

  3. Steph – I wouldn’t mind if it were a drop of incontinence. I’m used to that. But I wasn’t on the roof beforehand, and 20 gallons is a bit much, even for me.

    The new floor has a special anti-uric acid layer on so that should be OK.

  4. B3n – Good idea. There are enough off-cuts around [not to mention the old crap floor]. I’ll ask him to make up an ark and we’ll all sail off into the sunset on a sea of p*ss and rain.

  5. Grannymar – Just at this moment, I crave a boring life. I have to be up at eight again tomorrow to let Flooring Lad in again [he finishes tomorrow] and the builder is coming at ten. That means an expedition onto the roof – and storms are forecast!

  6. “I blame Global Warming”
    I thought you blamed everything on George W. Bush!
    You’re saying he’s not responsible for your leaky roof! Amazing!!

  7. 20 gallons??

    There is no pill on earth can do that.

    Just think – it would take at least 160 pints of Guinness.

    Mmmmmmmmm 🙂

  8. Floors again, Grandad? I thought the Irish lived in thatched cottages with dirt floors? Putting on airs, are you?

  9. Ah, poor Grandad. May the God’s, Goddesses, and good karma be with you, sir.

    And, steer clear of those pills! 🙂

  10. Ahhhh! At last. Someone in this miserable world who cares. Thank you Jefferson. You are the last of the world’s gentlemen.

    Now; at last… I can go for a nap.

  11. luckily it’s nice and sunny today so you shouldn’t have any more problems :-~)

  12. Hey! Perhaps it’s a diabolical water-related plot against senior citizens! An Internet friend of mine who lives in the state of Georgia (USA, not the Russian Georgia) told me about a bursting water heater in her farmhouse the same night. A conspiracy?

  13. Hahaha. I know it’s not funny but it is! Sorry ’bout the scratched fingers, at least you can skyp/type. I take heart when someone else has a domestic disaster makes me feel so much less alone! Maybe it’s condensation from your washing that’s accumulating on the roof. Tell Granny to spin dry before she hangs the clothes up! (actually they’re using the condensation and recycling technique in the Chinese Swim Centre for the Olympics. Lots of sweaty spectators and pool condensation gets recycled and sloshed right back in the pool . . ugh!

  14. Noel will probably blame the downturn in the US economy though. so that will bring it all back to Dubya again

  15. Flirty – What part of Ireland are you dreaming from? Nice and sunny?????

    Marlys – You could be onto something there. IT’S A CONSPIRACY!! Drown the Duffers Week?

    Robert – F*ck off! It was weatherproof when I built it 40 years ago, and I build to last!

    Dave – There is a definite pattern emerging here. So Noel Dempsey, at the behest of George W [or Dubya] is invading the hot presses of elder citizens. It obviously has something to do with global warming. Or rendition flights. Or international stock exchange rates.

    Dankoozy – See above

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