Living in a bouncy castle — 26 Comments

  1. Yay! Finally a proper floor! Congratulations 🙂

    Now you no longer need that ‘Matt’ to cover the bent bits!

  2. K8 – It looks lovely. And I don’t feel like I’m walking on the deck of a ship any more.

    And you mis-spelled ‘Mat’ 😉

  3. Grannymar – I hope not. But it’s beautifully smooth and slippery. So we might hold some ballroom dancing at some stage. Sandy has already fallen on her face a couple of times.

  4. No problem. But it’s more fun rolling a ball for Sandy. She slips and goes sliding along on her back. It brings the shine up a treat.

  5. If you don’t need ‘Matt’ any more, I’ll have him.

    Just make sure the dawg doesn’t skittle across the floor, through the french doors and into the garden. Cost me $3,500 for mine to replace her cruciate thanks to cartoon dog running (you know where their legs don’t propel them for about 10 seconds) across the slate to exit the sliding door and chase . . .well anything.

  6. Believe me – you do not want the ‘Matt’ that K8 is talking about. Let’s just say that it’s sold as a Persian run, costs twice as much and turns out to be an old bit of canvass.

    I have sent Sandy skittering out the doors a couple of times. Great fun. Especially as there are steps there. She usually bounces all the way down to the lawn.

  7. (Note to self) Remember in the unlightly event that I ever am invited to Head Rambles Manor to wear Golf Shoes or football studs! 😀

  8. Sorry to hear of your woes, Grandad. That little Sh*te (Mr. Dublin/Kildare/Carlow/Wexford) sounds like a great guy – for the top of your bonfire!

  9. In the construction business it tends to be that if you take the cheapest bid you get the cheapest work. Good luck with the burning of the floor but ummm don’t ask for bail money I am fresh out after last weekend

  10. I’m sure Mr. England/Scotland/Wales/Ulster would burn nicely too! I’ll supply the matches.

  11. Grannymar – I recommend rock-climbing crampons, though they do tend to leave little holes in the wood.

    Steph – It sounds like you may know who I’m talking about [but don’t give his name!]. You are more than welcome to apply the ignition.

    Sean – That is what really p*ss*s me off. He was not cheap. He came highly recommended by a [now ex] friend.

  12. “I have sent Sandy skittering out the doors a couple of times. Great fun. Especially as there are steps there. She usually bounces all the way down to the lawn.”

    Don’t wax the new floor too much or she’ll end up bouncing to Britt… I mean Britain! She’d be much better off with a matt finish.

  13. Grandad,

    You sounded a wee bit agitated in your posting but seem to have cheered up after “discussing” things with your friends.

    I’ve heard of a very Politically Incorrect sport called “dwarf bowling”. Perhaps you could institute Contractor Bowling and send that offending shyster across your new floor, through the door and bouncing down the steps.

    Just a suggestion.

  14. Diane – I am still agitated. In fact more than agitated, but I am about to explain that.

    I would wholeheartedly support the concept of contractor Bowling but for a couple of things. One is that he is a BIG bloke. The other is that there is a lawn at the bottom of my steps. Now, if there were a 200 foot cliff????

  15. Go visit his premises in the middle of the night with that gun of yours. Load it with ice cubes.

    Anger cured, smashed windows and no evidence!

  16. Grannymar – I’m surprised at you knowing that old ice trick. Mind you, with the weather we’ve been having, the evidence mightn’t disappear that quickly!

    Brianf – You are nearly right. In fact it is Fred Mexico I’m talking about.

  17. If you want Grandad I can put a van load of guys together to go and have a chat with our wee friend. We can veneer him if you like.

  18. Laminate and veneer same thing really unless you are discussing cutting him into a veneer in which case I would recommend frozen vivisection – not as cruel but considerably less messy

  19. Not quite. Veneer is the thin piece you stick on top. Laminate is the whole thing that purports to be what it isn’t [i.e. solid]. I think the latter is more appropriate.

    Yes. Cutting into veneer sounds good. Forget about the freezing bit though. Who cares about the mess?

  20. Careful, Grandad, remember what a wise man once said:

    “before you criticize someone,you should walk a mile in their shoes..That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away and you have their shoes!”

  21. I wouldn’t trust his shoes, Nancy. He’d claim they were Berluti, but they would turn out to be cardboard!

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