Even prayer comes at a price — 10 Comments

  1. Best be careful when using colorful language…invoking the Name might cost you big time!

    (maybe other deities also helped out but gave Their assistance free of charge. What was the billing address?)

  2. Colourful language is part of the charm of th’Irish!

    If it was one of the other deities then that invoice is a bit of a cheek.

    There was no billing address which was strange. He just wants me to give my entire worldly possessions to a South Korean.

    Fat chance!

  3. When my Irish mother “slipped” in front of us and used a more colorful expression, she would say, “Pardon my French”. Is this a common saying or a family idiom?

  4. ‘Pardon my French’ is a common expression this side of The Pond, meaning ‘excuse my language’.

    I don’t know where the ‘French’ bit comes from. I don’t think they swear any more than the rest of us! Apart from muttering the odd ‘merde’?

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