I hate Tags. I hate Memes. — 18 Comments

  1. “I hate Tags…”

    I read that as something else, was gonna open a can of whoppass. Honest I was…

  2. What a grumpy old fart of a carmudgeon are you.

    Just for that, I’m seriously thinking of memeing you with the ‘109 things you didn’t know about me’ yoke.
    And if you think about ignoring it (if I decide to go ahead with it) I’ll confiscate all your t-bags.

  3. It gets wierder everyday.
    I also received an invitation to Mensa and I have a lower than normal body temp.
    People think it’s odd that I do not write down phone numbers. I remember them. In college I rarely took notes. I tend to remember what people say to me.

  4. Grandad tells Porkies!

    Go on K8 I dare you.

    (note to self) Never tell Brianf a secret.

  5. Diane, it’s funny you should say that.

    My 2 year old gasped when she saw my Murgatroyd, and shouted “It’s Gwandad!!!!”

    Out of the mouths of babes!

  6. Pardon my absence – I had to go for my Electro-convulsive Therapy.

    Robert – I am the most boring person you could meet.

    Manuel – what the f**k is ‘whoppass’? Even Google doesn’t know!

    K8 – Meme me if you like. Rob my tea-bags if you like. Just think of one word – ‘inheritance’

    Brianf – Rock on, Brother! Though I never took notes and forgot everything people said, so I didn’t do too well in my exams.

    Grannymar – Stop sh*t stirring. I’ve warned you before. Everything I have said above is true.

    Diane [the Troublemaker] – Yes. You may not send me any more memes until you have worked the first two out. As a clue, Brianf is more likely to work out what I’m on about [and it has nothing to do with Mensa].

  7. In the tradition of medics who ask athletes with possible concussion “How many fingers am I holding up [don’t go there, Grandad – it’s a different number in the U.S.]?” my answer is “vanilla”.

    Then again, since you mentioned body temperature, and being “over 1000 years old but I’m not yet 40” could it be that you’re a dashing young man-about-town who was tragically injured while saving the free world from unspecified danger and being cryogenically preserved until medical science can restore you to full vigor while fortunately maintaining a tenuous contact with the world via a thought-activated laptop?

    Or are you a time traveler? Or an old fraud?

  8. None of the above. ‘Vanilla’ is the nearest. Just an old fart.

    By the way, have you ever contacted Speilberg? I think you could have a good film in the making there..

  9. WOW Brianf and Grandad. Me too was asked in writing to join Tempsa and I have a lower than normal IQ. Oooops!

  10. Hey it’s not a real word so I shall spell it as I feel like spelling it, now where is my can opener…..

  11. Thanks Elly. I have just been going around in circles between Manuel’s comment and UrbanDictionary, and I think I know what it’s about now. I think. But it helps, Manuel if you spell proper. Real world or not. You had both Google and myself confused.

    So I take it Tag is another word that has a meaning I’m not aware of?

    Jayzus! Why can’t people just use ordinary English?

  12. Hmmm… Tag can also mean the mark left by a graffitti artist indicating his/her ‘name’.

    But I reckon that manuel when mis-reading it thought that there was an ‘i’ in there…

    And popping an extra ‘i’ into ‘I hate tags’ can certainly open up a whole can of whoopass…. Most definately where I originally come from…

  13. Yes. I agree with that last paragraph. Speaking as one who was supposed to bear a remarkable resemblance to Gerry Adams, and who had to walk the streets of Belfast during a tense time in its history, I am very sympathetic to the nuances of political statements in Norn Iron!

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