Another Grandad — 19 Comments

  1. Oh that is just brilliant. I love the Onion!
    The bit at the end is class. The villain dog who wouldn’t warn his family of a house fire!

  2. How does one talk about “itty bitty bombs getting into the hands of little people” while keeping a straight face?


  3. There is only ONE Grandad! We’re playing a bloggers’ game and I would love to hear your responses! So I tag you; see the rules on my blog.

  4. Okay,
    This is the second post I have read on your blog today and I’m confused once more. Another Grandad?

    What does the nuke in Liechtenstein have to do with another Grandad?

    /can you dumb it down a bit more for me plz?

  5. When you get to my age, Cormac, you get a little grumpy. You will feel it is your right to exact some revenge on the world. If you live that long.

    Obviously there is a Grandad in Liechtenstein who is growing his own little baby bombs. Fair play to him.

    And I can’t get much dumber than I am……

  6. Oh Good Grief!!! I have just noticed your post Diane. *groan*

    I have been tagged YET AGAIN


    I’ll think about it….

  7. You’ve already been tagged for that meme before! Which of course I remember because you subsequently tagged me.

  8. I know. That’s why I’m wondering whether to reply, or to send Diane’s e-mail address to my favourite spammers.

    Let me sleep on it. Just watch for the colour of the smoke in the morning.

  9. Don’t threaten me, old codger! I’ll rig your blog to play an endless loop of bodhran solos!

    Forgive me for not discovering your ramblings sooner. Mea culpa!

  10. Old Codger?

    Old Codger?

    Have the young got no respect these days?

    You are not helping your case, young lady!

  11. Young lady! I watched the Howdy Doody Show and worshipped Hopalong Cassidy. I wore madras and “matured” along with the Beatles. Since you’re probably really a twenty-something computer geek with a wicked sense of humor, I accept the “compliment” in the spirit in which it was given…you old coot!

  12. …and did you think that a good former Catholic like me would miss the Papal reference? Blasphemy!

  13. Hah! I was just browsing your eight facts and came across 7. I can’t say I know anything about the Howdy Doody Show, but I used to know my Hopalong Cassidy. Actually, I was more into Davy Crockett.

    I have been accused of the “twenty-something computer geek” bit before. There’s nothing I can do about that. You’ll have to take me at face value!


    P.S. I’m quite good at compliments, if I’m treated properly and not called ‘old coot’ or ‘old codger’. Though on second thoughts, they are names that have a bit of a ring to them…….. The usual one is ‘old fart’.

  14. And as one good former Catholic to another – I was referring to my pipe. But you wouldn’t know about that if you haven’t read through my scrawls….

  15. Duffer?

    (My husband and I went to California last summer. The highlight of the trip for him was going to the Fess Parker Vineyards, where he had his picture taken next to a portrait of his childhood hero. Next time we go, we’re stopping at the Inn Mr. Parker owns in hopes of seeing the gentleman himself in the lounge when his wife sings!)

  16. “Born on a mountain top in Tennessee
    The greenest state in the land of the free
    Raised in the woods so’s he knew ev’ry tree
    Kilt him a b’ar when he was only three
    Davy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier”

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