Neat and tidy — 15 Comments

  1. Grandad,

    I do hope the red liquid in the foreground is not from former business contacts.

    I know that it cannot be from tourists, your favoured material for shredding, they have already been bled dry by the Irish hospitality industry

  2. It could be raspberry juice? I’m not sure. There are a few old colleagues in there [mainly bosses so they won’t be missed].

    I’ll plead innocence and say that the pile is pure timber. Well, mostly timber. Well, half of it anyway.

  3. It is neat. Isn’t it, Sean?!

    Damn! You’re right Grannymar. I’ll tend to it this afternoon.

  4. Though I was thinking if you aquired a mechanical deboner and a mincer you would have lots of frww dog food for Sandy as well as lots of skeletons for Halloween decorations

  5. Sean – I think Sandy may be in there somewhere. I haven’t seen her in a while.

    Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Herself in a while either.

  6. I hope so. Maybe she’ll eat the lot, and all I’ll end up with is a ginormous pile of dog poo. [I hope you’re referring to Sandy..]

  7. Ahh . . it’s not a muncher or a shredder it’s a chipper chopper. My second favourite appliance after the leaf blower. I’ll bet mines bigger than yours! It’ll munch dead rabbits if they’re dessicated enough otherwise the blades get clogged *mwuaaaahhhh*

  8. Leaf blowers only blow the leaves around. why do you need something for that? Doesn’t the wind do it?

    Mine is definitely bigger than yours. I managed an Assistant Director of Human Resources a large animal yesterday.

  9. I have to make do with an ipod and a mac for amusement. It’s not fair, at what age am I allowed to get me one of those jobbies? I assume it’s the preserve of the retired…

  10. Want to be careful there, Grandad. Meat and bone meal is banned too. That whole BSE thing.

  11. Manuel – Be happy with your ipod [whatever that is] and your mac. The latter is very handy with the weather we’ve been having.

    Getting old is not all it’s cracked up to be, because we have to spend our days giving out about young people. It’s compulsory, but they don’t tell you that until you get there.

    Sneezy – If the ‘authorities’ don’t like it, they can call around. I’ll show them how it works…..

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