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  1. Is it modern slang? They all seem to be weird – Digg it, Kick it ….

    But I suppose “Oh I say, this is a frightfully good post and I recommend it” would make for a rather large button?

  2. I’m just getting the hang of facebook as well. I still can’t quite figure out what it is all about. What happens when someone pokes you on it?

    OK it might be handy for tracking down old friends etc. but it looks like an absolute nightmare in usability.

    If you have been looking at digg lately you might want to check out too. It’s like a slightly more mature version of digg. By mature I mean it’s target audience appears to be slightly more mature.

  3. Try poking me and you’ll find out!!! [Our K8 is still recovering].

    Thanks for the tip on The problem is that it is yet one more something to mess with and one more password to remember.

  4. Didn’t feel a thing.

    Do you ever get the feeling that we are drowing in a sea of pointless nonsense?

  5. Not a thing? Dammit!

    Yes. I didn’t want to be too rude about Facebook, as members might take it as an insult [and stop poking me], but there are so many damned sites all trying to get us to sign up and “network” and meet old school pals and god knows what else.

    I think I’ll just remain quietly blogging here on my mountainside, and if people want me, they know where to find me.

  6. I was poked too on facebook and didn’t even feel a thing. Time to go on a diet maybe.

  7. Well, Dave poked me at half eleven, and the site doesn’t even realise it yet. It seems to be stuck on Yesterday.

    So maybe you didn’t feel your poke because it was so slow?

  8. look, i have just about got the hang of the blog thing stop adding new technologies, i already feel like i am on a bike with trainer wheels.

  9. I know. Damned irritating. Isn’t it?!

    Anyway, what are you waffling about? You’ve been at the blogging longer than I?

  10. “I think I’ll just remain quietly blogging,here on my mountainside………”

    What could be better than that, Grandad? All that “Classmate” stuff and them wanting to reunite me with schoolmates from 50 years ago. If I wanted to see those people I’d have stayed in touch through the years. I have made new friends now, like you!

  11. I entirely agree, Nancy. If I want to contact them, I e-mail them or phone them.

    I have made new friends now, like you!

    That’s the way I feel too. Thank you Nancy. I’m honoured.

  12. Grandad,

    Wasn’t that a great story Grannymar told?

    A little off subject but I wanted to tell you that the Wall Street Journal said today that the Irish were the wealthiest people per capita in Europe. Partly due to the fantastic savings rate of the Irish and partly because your property values have increased so much. There are now 33,000 millionaires in Ireland in a population of 4 million.
    See Grandad, you don’t have to win the lottery, you are already rich!

  13. Facebook is a weird and wondrous place, isn’t it?

    And, I dig your blog old dude! 🙂

  14. Digg my hole. These new technologies are just an extension of mobiles, on the internet. For all I know, you could be creations of the imagination of a giant space beetle, as am I.

    In unrelated news, have you any Red Bull? I need my caffeine but I stand to win €100 from a bet.

  15. I’m with you Grandad, I can’t remember all the bloody logins and passwords so unless it accepts the regular logins, it doesn’t get a look in and if I want to meet old school friends I pick up a bottle and go visit! And another thing . . .*snotty grumpy woman today* enough of this mature sites stuff give me trivial blither anyday. MSN, Skype and Blogger are the limits of my technological adventurings I’m afraid (still can’t work out auto text on me mobile!)

  16. Digg my hole

    Yech! Stop that Daz. Go make some strong tea.

    Nancy – I know. You can’t throw a brick without hitting a millionaire. [that is true – a result of experimentation].

    Manuel – The old technologies are the best. I’ll plead the fourth.

    Baino – You’re ahead of me – never tried MSN. Isn’t auto-text when you send a text message while driving?

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