I'm proud to be Irish — 22 Comments

  1. I think they’re great. They hate everyone and everything. I wonder what their take is on Islamic Fundamentalists?

  2. He probably loves Allah’s Chosen Ones. I just imagine that guy, sweating blood as he tries to deliver a sermon:
    Oh Lordy! Congregation! You are ALL sinners and are destined – DESTINED -for the fiery pits of hell, where I tell you now, Satan will stick flaming pitchforks up your anus for all eternity. Can I get a Hail Jesus?’
    Deacon: ‘Hail Jesus!

    You get the picture. The fact is, I can quote contradictory lines from the Bible because the Book itself is ambiguous. This guy is juss a misanthropist.

    And the L&H Society are a bunch iof useless wasters anyway.

  3. I listened to the poor sap on his podcast. He really sounds sincere!

    How come I haven’t been struck by lightning yet???

  4. Jefferson – You mean to say that the devil sells souvenirs? How sinful!

    Ian – That is a great site! I have been converted. I have signed up. I have already burned Harry Potter and have sent off for a thong.

  5. I wonder if someone has informed him that an anagram of “Rev Fred Phelps” is “Help,prefers VD”?

    Yay for damnation!

  6. Go to and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on “about”.
    It’s a joke! A parody site!

  7. This “anti-gay” stuff is pure Paisely. The old Paisley, before he became best of mates with Martin McGuinness.

    Has anyone else noticed how much David Norris resembles the late Brit actor Terry-Thomas?

  8. Hah! πŸ™‚

    You are so lucky, that it is just a podcaster or whaterever. In Poland we have an ultra catholic and nazi radio station (Radio Maryja – Radio Marry) which is in charge of anti-Semitic, anti liberal, anti EU, anti other nations, anti everything nazi propaganda and the boss of that radio – a priest – is an untouchable due to the fact that he is a pupil of our Terrible Twins.
    He is still in power, due to the almost all old people are listening and praying to the radio.
    No matter facts that he called our president’s wife to be a witch and our president to be under influences of damn Jews.

    And you know what? πŸ™‚ Jesus wasn’t a Jew, he was Polish πŸ™‚ Every old lady in church in Poland will tell you something like that.

    Half of the Polish Catholic Church (I mean Roman Catholic, but it is national Polish), reminds very orthodoxic and closed minded protestant pastors who are seeing devil in almost everything.

    Am I proud to be Polish?

  9. Sean – I’m very sorry you feel left out. Maybe you could write to the Rev and ask him to set up

    Ian – will you stop putting those links in. You are making my sides hurt.

    Baino – What would he do if he had a vision of God, and God was smoking a Benson & Hedges?

    Henry – He puts Paisley in the shade. I hate to say that, but he makes Rev Ian sound like a pussy.

    MacKozer – Why don’t you just switch it off? Anyway, everyone knows Jesus was Irish.

    I’m off now to write a new website – He seems to have missed that one out.

    Bugger! Someone got there before me

    Woops! I said “bugger”. Now there’ll be a

  10. Sean, you don’t know how happy I am for you. I know you felt left out.

    Welcome to the club. πŸ™‚

  11. God’s great eh? What with all the hate and messing about with the weather and plagues you wonder if he has anytime for himself.

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