Sir Grandad? — 19 Comments

  1. Less of the H.I.M. please. We are not going down the royalty route here.

    The only royalties are the ones the government will skim off the top.

  2. Ah, now we know why you got your haircut!

    Did you not know I have been an MP for years!!!

  3. OK, The Right Honourable The Lady Grannymar….

    What is your interpretation of MP?

    And the short hair is purely as a result of an accident with the sword.

  4. “The sports crowd” Hush your mouth. We have a Queen’s Honours list comprising cricketers, footballers, tennis players, one legged mountain climbers, beach volley ballers (at least they look hot in a bikini) crikey our next Governor General will be a surfer . . .that’s what happens when you have a Queen for a head of state. Personally I prefer the gold sticky stars that you can patronisingly splotch on someone’s forehead. “Gold star for you . . .now go away and do something useful”

  5. Brianf – Brian Overtly Loves Laughing Over Xenophobia

    Baino – Sports people are a waste of space. Over paid nancies who think they are God’s gift to the world. They are of no value whatever to society.

  6. Gregarious Rabbits Are Never Done Allocating Dung.

    Killer Aardvark Talking Excitedly.

    Heavy Earwig Redoubling Silly Elves Likely Forgotten.

  7. Have you no work to do?

    Brianf’s Ravings Invariably Are Not Funny.

    Please Insert Small Screwdriver. Only Funny Fridays.

  8. I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.
    Today is my last day of training. Monday I start teaching. Nobody is doing any thing vaguely resembling work here.

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