Sackcloth and ashes — 12 Comments

  1. No. We apologise for this temporary interruption in service. We are adjusting the medication. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

  2. Hey Grannymar! I didn’t know you were into that kind of thing? Sadomasochism? Wow!! Whoever would have guessed…..

  3. You may call me Sixty.


    I shall be the judge of that…
    I think you need to read and comment here:

    You don’t owe me anything except more of what you’ve been doing!

    Whew, Grandad you had me going there for a sec until I read your comments, those damn meds.

  4. Hiya Sixty [or shall I be modern and abbreviate it to 60?].

    Thanks for the forgiveness. I am humbled.

    I tend to avoid nuns since I was taught by them as a five year old. I have have a pathological fear of nuns and penguins ever since.

    I think the medication is OK now. I was slightly overdoing the morphine balance on the drip.

  5. I follow people’s comments on blogs that I like to find out if I like that blog too. Mark has “outed” you and brought redneck riff raff like me into your domain. Deal with it! 🙂

  6. Oh my God! I’ve been outed! [I always wondered what that would feel like].

    Welcome Micki. I am well used to redneck riff raff around here…

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