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  1. It sounds as if they’re working faster than the speed of light. Objects that move faster than the speed of light appear to be going backwards and from your theorising, I’m guessing that the builders are Poles as there are TWO of them and they are working at such speeds as to generate a phenomonen known as Bi-Poler Flow or Bi-Poler Mass Ejection.

  2. They read up on the theory of relativity.

    If you travel fast enough you can go back in time. They don’t really get that much done in a day, what’s happens is that the sit around reading The Sun and eating breakfast rolls for a couple of hours, then say, “Jeez, lads, its 11 o’clock”, so they start up the dumper truck, shift back to nine o’clock, and do a couple of hours work. Then it’s time for a tea break, which lasts till one, then the truck is started up again, and so they go through the day.

  3. And who needs Einstein when I have you lot around?

    Yes. That was more or less my theory – that they were somehow working faster than light. That would explain the odd loud bang as they go through the light barrier.

    Is this what they mean by Bi-Polar Disorder?

    And think of the implications….
    If everyone could be persuaded to drive backwards to work, think of the time that would be saved.

  4. The loud bang is probably them reversing into the neighbour’s Beamer. Sonic booms come with breaking the sound barrier, I think there is a bright flash when you break the light barrier. Do you remember the bit in Star Wars where they couldn’t get the spaceship to go into faster than light mode, then when it did there is a sudden rush of light?

    I think old Albert would have liked Star Wars!

  5. I had wondered about whether breaking the light barrier would cause a bang or a flash. So maybe we haven’t been having a thunderstorm all day? Maybe it’s just them?

    I tried calling Stephen Hawking but he’s busy today. He’s having tea with a friend.

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