Falling between two stools — 12 Comments

  1. I’m lost for words! Really. I just cannot come up with anything at this moment.

  2. Notice a trend here? No women commenting on poo. It’s a boy thing. Add jokes about guinness, farting and volcanos and you’ve got a bucks party.

  3. No trend. You’re only the turd third person to comment.

    I’m only reporting the facts anyway…..

  4. I’m trying to figure out who’s weirder, you or K8?
    So the scientist who was in charge of this project, was he the Poopy Head?

  5. so glad i didn’t read this at breakfast as is my regular trend – so to speak.

  6. You have very late breakfasts, Flirty? But I’m glad you keep regular.

    Everyone seems to think I’m making this up, but the chart speaks for itself.

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