Neighbours — 13 Comments

  1. @K8 – Dammit, dammit, dammit!! Why didn’t I think of that? That would have been fun.

    @Robert – You might have something there. But I’m not going to shave it off. I’m afraid of what I might find underneath.

  2. Don’t go to bed tonight, they might have sold out to developers and plan to demolish your place in the wee small hours.

  3. I’m safe enough, Grannymar. There are still a load of landmines around from when I left our K8 in charge when we took our break.

    If they trip a landmine, it’ll wake the neighbourhood.

  4. Ah no. The sooner they finish the better. The noise is getting to me already [they start every morning at seven].

    Anyway, I wouldn’t be nasty to my neighbours. Would I?

  5. Flat cap and stick need a puce face to go with them if they are to be effective – Grandad’s beard would spoil the impact. He’d have to replace the stick with a 12 bore shotgun discharged in no particular direction, or shave off the beard

  6. I always shoot first and shout after. A bit like in golf.

    And the 12 bore is what I always use around the property. It’s more in keeping with the rural atmosphere.

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