Making Dublin a safer place — 5 Comments

  1. It’s funny how threads move through blogs. I always felt I’d missed my mark as a celebrity dog trainer. But seriously, it’s people that make vicious dogs. We’ve already banned Pit Bull Terriers, American Terriors and some other sort of fighting dog. Grehounds have to be muzzled and the bloody Chinese won’t delivery take-away if there’s a labrador present. Country folk on the other hand, can still take their uglies (and I’m damn sure these dogs don’t have pedigrees) out into the bush and let them tear the bejeezus out of wild pigs. It seems if it’s ‘feral’ it can be torn apart rather than killed humanely.
    PS: you should add tourists, directionless women and people who wear sunglasses on their heads to your list.

  2. @Donal – Take it up with the Council. They make the decisions. Maybe they know something about red-heads that I don’t?

    @Baino – As far as I’m concerned, all dogs are fine. They should just have their teeth removed. As for your postscript – I take care of them.

    @Grannymar – You’re in there [unless of course you are a member of the Council?].

  3. I just finished Italo Calvino’s ‘If on a winter’s night a traveler’, didn’t understand what it was about (I read it for a course in the autumn), but near the end this guy erases everything from the map, starting with people in uniform. He ends up with a flat, barren landscape, and is horrified to discover the only people left are a girl in the permanent distance and bureaucrats from Section D – who sound like men from the city council!

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