The problem with podcasting — 12 Comments

  1. Ah Grandad,


    I was involved in a religious affairs programme in the North in the early 90s and it was all reel to reel – razor blade and sticky tape editing. We had a producer who could edit tape on a Uher as fast anyone now could digitally edit sound on a monitor.

  2. Tell me about it!! I used to work in a recording studio in the very early 70’s. Massive great 16 track tape decks using 1″ tape. It was a divil to splice. As far as I remember, they were Studor decks.

  3. Hahaha . . you are a very funny man and a totally sick bastard! Now I have to come to Ireland almost naked in the event you spot my backpack and Raybans. Is there anything else I should know to avoid the .303?

  4. Simple – sunglasses should only be worn outdoors, when the sun is shining and firmly placed where sunglasses belong – in front of the eyes.

    Also put a large “Friend of Grandad” badge on your backpack. It avoids mistakes.

  5. That was a .22 no a .303! I always use a .22 for shooting tourists. Very clean entry and exit. Easier stuffed that way.

  6. I don’t know. It sure sounded like a 6.5/283 with a Lapua case and a Sierra matchking 124grain bullet in front of 53 grains of IMR4350 out of a Stolle Panda action with a Kreiger 5R barrel. But, hey! What do I know?

  7. Heh heh heh Grandad. I hope that you brought her home and are in the process of mounting her on the sitting room wall as a trophy. I do a bit of hillwalking, where do I have to avoid in order not to suffer the same fate?

  8. He shot me! He shot me and broke my puter.

    I suppose he will say that it was ’cause I listened to Granny.

  9. Sorry Sneezy, bur Brianf is right on the button with every detail. I’d say he was uncannily accurate, but he is my arms dealer, so he knows what I use.

    B3n – I wouldn’t dream of mounting her in the sitting room. That would be necrophilia tasteless.

    You are perfectly free and safe to wander where you like, provided you are not a tourist and don’t wear sunglasses. Just be wary of farmers though. They are f*cking lethal.

    Grannymar – Don’t be such a drama queen. You know I didn’t shoot you. If I had, you wouldn’t be writing now. I’m a very good shot now that I have changed my tablets.

  10. What kind of sunglasses? Were they fashionable? I mean, surely you wouldn’t shoot a man with Bolle sunglasses on, would you? 🙂

  11. Violent? Me? Not at all.

    Please retract that, Michele, or I’ll be down with the baseball bat…..

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