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  1. What a great tune!! It took me back to my youth. Only now I have to go in search of who the artist is and the name of the song.
    Good job, Grandad!

  2. Welcome to the club!

    For ould Biddies like me please lower the music when you talk. 😉

    Don’t know what they did to my ears last week in hospital but the hearing is not what it was. :'(

  3. Sorry, Grannmar! All these knobs and dials confuse me. I have tried remixing the whole lot, and it might be a little better now.

    I’m only starting, after all!! My first attempt….

  4. Definitely a voice for radio Grandad, just as long as you haven’t got the face to match. Ha ha!

  5. Hello Radio Gaga

    West Coast radio better watch themselves. Another first granda, perhaps not. But..yet again you raise the benchmark, throw down the gauntlet…so now all of us younger bloggers must feel insecure and challenged, you just wait till I’m retired…my blog will make Dreamworks look like a waltz in the park. Then again, will there still be a planet left when I am retired? And if there is, will there be anybody on it capable of reading, listening or watching it? (No Bush joke please).

    Perhaps I’ll just record my pathetic-self for prosperity.

    Well done Pat Granda Kenny.

  6. Hey! This is awesome. Congratulations.
    I’ll by standing by the RCA Victor tuning my knobs, and adjusting the antenna.

  7. grandad that was not a complaint, only a suggestion.

    Well done you bypassed me with the music. Maybe I’m just jealous.

  8. Thanks Dub and 60. It’s just a little experiment. I know Herself is going to come steaming out one of these days demanding I record her and I want to be sure I can do it.

    Dub – You are now on my official hit list. Don’t dare mention my name in connection with The Plank!!!!

  9. Grannymar – All suggestions are welcome [provided they are physically possible, and not a sin].

    As for adding in the music, it’s amazing what can be done in a garden shed and €200,000 worth of sound recording equipment. Good old eBay.

  10. Suggestions Mmmm….. now let me think…

    Dub in the Dam is right ‘The Plank’ will have to move over.

    I knew his granny. In fact I was in her house with my granny when I was young. She had far more go in her than he does.

  11. I would gladly oust The Plank [especially for the money he’s not earning]. He is excellent as a technical or political reporter – just crap at light entertainment.

    And Grannymar – your spot is safe. There is no way I can put on that gentle voice and eloquence!


  12. To hell with this hey …

    Too good to podcast with the rest of us now, are we?
    Fine, more room for my smooth-as-milk Cavan baritone then.

  13. If what’s-his-face from Boyzone can do it, then so can I.

    I can always return to the rest of you as a very special guest?

  14. Good choon!

    you should start up a pirate radio station, have microwave links to a transmitter up the mountain so your 200k of equipment is safe if the bastards from comreg come looking. your radio voice is far too good for a mere podcast

  15. I’m sure, though you know as well as I do that that particular decision isn’t ours to make …

    Anyway, you seem to have gained a fair few new fans …

  16. What decision, Daz? Once my fame spreads, they’ll be gagging to have me on!

    It never ceases to amaze me how many strange people there are in the world that seem to like my blog. There must be nearly enough of us now to fill an asylum.

  17. The dark side of me would find it hilarious to see what would happen if you upped and disappeared … there’d probably be a plea on the radio for you or something …

  18. The decision of whether or not the Gods Of Our Original Podcast still find us as relevant now as they initially did, of course.

  19. Why on earth would I disappear, or is that just wishful thinking?

    And if one of the Gods Of Our Original Podcast causes any problems, Ron will just fill his blog with obscenities before pulling it down.

  20. I’m assuming a hypothetical situation here, rather similar to the one that happened when ‘I’ vanished, if you know what I mean. There were ripples then; your vanishing would be an outright tsunami.

    Surely Ron wouldn’t wield that particular Sword of Damocles?

  21. Comparing me to boyzone, are you? eh? I’m going to puke, until I’m as skinny as the blokes in “Boyzone”. 🙂

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