Banking Errors — 18 Comments

  1. Seriously dodge Grandad. You might have been spammed? And that’s not a can of luncheon meat. Can’t see Allied Irish Bank now and not think of Ross O’Carroll Kelly. He was always going for a quick “Allied Irish” when things were quiet!

  2. Yes. I thought it was ever so slightly suspect myself [hence the category I filed it under].

    I must get to read this Ross O’Carroll Kelly fella. I’ve heard about him from a few sources now.

    I’d never heard of an ‘Allied Irish’ before. I think I just wet myself again…..!

  3. Actually, I was thinking of going into their site and entering some random information. It’ll take them ages to work out that I don’t have an account there….

  4. Actually, Grannymar, I’m skint. I look on this as a blessing as now I have no money to worry about.

    So I’m afraid a loan is out of the Q. Unless you want my Allied Irish Bank account details [that I don’t seem to have]?

  5. How? I didn’t reply to their e-mail.

    Incidentally, the mail apparently came from ‘’ [which I very much doubt]. Ron says it came from ‘’ whoever they are.

    Unless, of course they read this blog and see their letter printed. But that won’t be any good to them, because they don’t know which of my thousands of e-mail addresses it arrived at.

    I set up thousands of addresses to confuse the CIA by the way.

  6. We are watching all of them. We know which ones you use and which ones were meant to deceive us.
    You don’t really think Bertie got re-elected on his own do you? We have our ways, old man.

  7. Grandad,

    I got offered at least 37 million yesterday. Maybe they were able to make such a generous offer from the money they had taken out of your account.

    I have a Hotmail address with its filter set to ‘Exclusive’ that I use to respond to such things (nothing gets through). I usually try to be helpful by pointing out spelling and grammatical errors and inquire after the weather in west Africa. Politeness cost nothing. 😉

  8. @Flirty – You badly need to get out more.

    @CIA – You think you are watching all of them. And Bertie got in because of a dumb electorate. Don’t try and claim credit for that.

    @Ian – I gave them Bertie’s banking details, so that’s probably out of his account. Keep the receipt for the tribunal..

    @Chris – I just tried it but it’s dead. Has the AIB gone bust?

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