The night I died, but didn't — 8 Comments

  1. Yeah, that was some impressive bit of nature last night wasn’t it? The lid from my composter in the garden blew off and spread freshly brushed fluffy dog hair all over the neighbour’s gardens! Dog is well impressed.

  2. The best place to be in galeforce winds is lying in the middle of a field, listening to the wind howl through the trees. Sometimes I’d stand up, keep the rest of my body limp and let the wind blow me wherever it will.

  3. If I did that last night, Bertie, I’d be somewhere in Fermanagh today. It was wild

    And anyway, I’d be scared of one of my trees falling on me. You wouldn’t want that. Would you?

  4. You should have read Granny’s blog before the blackout, she might have been hinting about what you could have done on the couch whilst the lights were out!

  5. Not at all Grandad. I’d only lie in the middle of fields, away from the trees. Nothing to fall on me there.

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