I need a name — 17 Comments

  1. My mate Man Donkey had one just like it. It died. We called it ‘Prickly Mickey’. Maybe you could call it that in memory of it.

  2. Happii Cactii!

    Bristly Bollix,

    Thorny Horn,

    Prickly Dick,

    Bob the Barbed Boner,

    Wicked Willy,

    Dangerous Dong,

    Briery Bellend,

    Dodgy Todger,

    Phallic Fred!

  3. Why not just name him Peter?
    or Dick?
    or Johnson?
    or Phallis Prickarium?
    or John Shaft?
    or just call it, “the Catus that makes everyone slip into a juvenile, sophmoric sense of humor”.

  4. @Grannymar – You talking about me or the cactus?

    @B3n – I like calling things in memory of… But “Prickly Mickey” sounds weird. It would have to be “Prickly Mickly” or “Pricky Mickey” which also sound weird. BTW, was Man Donkey attached to it?

    @Will – You’ve lost me. But that’s not hard.

    @K8 – I might have known you’d be the most prolific! I like “Dodgy Todger” and “Dangerous Dong” but “Cactus Viagrus” has to be a front runner.

    @60 – ? What game?

    @Brianf – Good idea. I’ll call it Brian, and think of you every time I look at it.

    Talking of juvenile senses of humour, another name just came to me [see how you all inspire inspiration?] –

    “Don’t f*ck with me!”

    As the Americans would say – that sort of covers all the bases?

  5. Thanks Baino and B3n. That clears that up.

    It looks like the clear winner is Cactus Viagrus. I’m not sure what prize K8 gets. Maybe we should have suggestions for that too?

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