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  1. “I got an Honour in my Leaving Certificate for Art without ever having had a class”

    Snap! I was the only one out of six who sat it. So much for the teacher.

  2. Or so much for the exam!! It was the highest mark I got in the Leaving Cert 🙂

  3. I made a vow a long time ago never to do a meme. It’s not that I dislike them, it’s just that an even longer time ago I made the mistake of telling a woman too much about myself. She didn’t hold it against me – the problem was, it meant I never got to hold it against her.

    But then again, broken vows are more fun than kept ones, so I might do something.

  4. Snap with the Art!

    Considering the only thing I can draw is a chair across the floor, I think I did very well!

  5. Ah! Fair play to ya Sneezy!! I hate them myself, but the odd good one comes through. But if anyone asks me for more things about myself……..!

    What is it with this Art thing? We had a dare in our class to do exams that we hadn’t been taught for. I drew Art [pun intended]. One bloke got Knitting, but he bottled it. Pity. He might have got an Honour.

  6. Oh get real you bloggyboofs.You know we only blog so that we share our opinions with the world, share our secrets, make a few friends, or bullshit whichever coat fits. We’re all egomaniacs and you know it. Meme on (I have absolutely no idea what that is).

    PS: there is something seriously wrong with the Irish eduction system.

  7. Bloggyboof? What’s that?

    I’m just tired of trying to think up things that people don’t already know about me. Especially as I’ve forgotten most of them myself.

    There is nothing wrong with the Irish education system. It’s just that we are all artistic geniuses.

  8. Ok that was a lot harder that I thought it would be but I have my 8 random facts up at last!

    Here is one I left out because it was similar to Grandads and one of my other facts:

    1992 was the first ever sitting of the Junior Certificate which replaced the Inter Cert. Believe it or not but somehow I managed to fail art.

    Now that is something that I thought might have been impossible!

  9. Why do people get so irate about sunglasses held on the top of the head? When you walk into a shop, it’s the simplest solution, and it acts as a hairband! The shape of the skull is perfect for it, so nature must have intended it.

    I know a lot of knobs like to wear them like that all the time which I can’t explain, but there really aren’t that many other places to store sunglasses temporarily. Other than the typical ‘Bridie Murphy’ string around neck business which is a bit naff.

  10. Because 99% of people who wear sunglasses on the tops of their heads are knobs.

    You see these Wans getting out of their SUVs, and carefully placing their sunglasses as if they had eyes in the tops of their heads. It’s a stupid fashion accessory, and I want to baseball-bat the lot of them.

  11. We have an affectionate term here for lovable nit wits . . . it’s not uncommon to be referred to as a boofhead. It’s not an insult, more a wake up call. “Ah give it a rest you boofhead . . .”, “What’s boofhead over there up to . . .” Bloggyboofs – a derivative I guess. My point?

    “C’mon you boofheads, we all like talking about ourselves or we wouldn’t be playing in the blogosphere.”

  12. I’m completely with you on the sunglasses on th ehead thing. Pure revulsion and nastines fills my soul when I see somebody of either gender so accessorized.

    I am a little puzzled about the art thing though – not that I doubt you could swing it, but when I did my leaving I think there were four art papers and one of them was Art History. No more than non-art History I would have thought it was hard to spoof, so does that mean you got the bulk of your marks just out of the available 75% from the other 3 papers?

  13. @Baino – So “Boofhead” is like “Ould bollix”?

    @Eolai – So I’m not the only one! From now on, Sunglasses On Heads are legitimate targets. Expect a high body-count.

    I did the Leaving in The Good Old Days. The days of the Primary Cert and the Intermediate. In those days marking was simple – you got percentages and if you got over 60% you got Honours. There was none of this A1/B6 crap. There were no points. And the Art exam consisted of one paper where we had to do some drawing and answer a few questions. Life was simple then, and you didn’t need a degree in astrophysics to work out if you had passed.

    @Sneezy – Fair play to ya. And you know you will, if I threaten ask you nicely enough.

  14. Ah right – I did my Leaving in the in-between days; it was also before the A1/B1 stuff and before the Junior Cert or whatever happened after us.

    I recall there being some confusion as a legacy from the days before us – as in if you got over 60% on a Lower Level paper people would fight over whether that was an “honour” or not and some would sneeringly call it an “Honour on a Pass paper”.

    The confusion wasn’t helped by the fact that in the Inter there was only a Lower/Higher Level split on the 3 compulsory subjects with everything else having one paper and following the old rule.

    God, I’m starting to hate you for making me remember all this!

  15. Yes, I remember that! Those of us who did the Honours papers used to beat up the blokes who claimed an honour on the Pass paper!! Nothing to do with sneering or snobbery – it was just a good excuse.

    I don’t remember much about the Inter. I must have been drunk at the time.

    I do remember the Primary though. I was in Ring at the time and had to do the whole thing in Irish [which just about guaranteed full marks!]

    Sorry about the bad memories 🙂

  16. Jaysus. I better stay out of your way. I always have my sunglasses on my head, ‘cos if I don’t they will be lost. In minutes.

    I’d love to hear more about the Piano playing!

  17. John – all you have to do is hang them off the neck of your shirt/jumper/cleavage [?]. It’s much safer.

    If you want to hear more of my piano playing, all you have to do is buy the original 45s released by various Irish artists in the very early 70s. You might be lucky and hear me plinking away in the background.

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