Saturday morning — 9 Comments

  1. This waking up early thing seems to be infectious. Why didn’t you shoot first and ask questions later? Who was she? Was she nice? Did she drink her tea? How do you know she wasn’t an axe wielding homicidal maniac? How do you know she wasn’t a spy sent by Bertie to check up on you? Did she offer you a large brown envelope? Was she Barbara Streisand? Are you sure it wasn’t Angela Merkle? Those Germans are a sneaky bunch, ya’ know. She might have been a Russian mail order bride. Did you ask her?

  2. I don’t shoot if Sandy approves.

    She was very nice and she enjoyed her coffee. She said it was so nice here that she must call in again.

    She didn’t have any envelopes unfortunately, and as for being a spy – who would want to spy on me?

    She wasn’t Barbara Streisand or any of the others. She was Irish. You must learn to trust people, Brianf.

  3. You wouldn’t want to wake up in the garden with a woman or anyone else. It is very wet outside.

  4. You saw a random stranger in your garden, and you invited her in for tea?

    Very well …

  5. This all sounds very Bronte ish. Strange women wandering on moors, rainy weather reflecting Grandad’s nature? All you need now is a stable-boy.

  6. I get up early but I’ve only ever found fairies in the bottom of my garden . . .

  7. @K8 – My boy is very stable, but you don’t want to know about that.

    @Baino – We used to have fairies, but the local cats got them. We get the odd one indoors now, and I have to set mousetraps.

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