PC Plod is revolting — 6 Comments

  1. That is brilliant, Pecker! 🙂

    [I took out your correction, because you were right first time!]

  2. Oh God, it’s the whole Irish Army deaf thing again. They got money for playing with things that went ‘BANG!’ now P.S.N.I are getting dosh coz some people gave them grief and Gerry Adams sounded much nicer years ago when they dubbed his voice.

  3. I didn’t send it to you just to wind you up! I couldn’t believe what I was reading and I wondered if you had heard about it. Freakin’ lawyers! Shakespeare was right! The first thing we have to do is kill all the lawyers.

  4. I didn’t say you sent it to me. I said ‘a friend’. Would you class yourself a friend?

    I hadn’t heard about it actually. Though as B3n says, it has shades of the army complaining because their ears were damaged by the bangs!!

    Let’s sue the lawyers for annoying us 😉

  5. Take heart Grandad, recently a US court judge tried to sue his dry cleaner for . . .wait for it . . .$96 million for giving him the wrong pair of trousers.

    Fortunately, sense prevailed (unusual in the litigious States I know) and he was thrown out of court. What gets me is the waste of taxpayer’s money while these things go through the legal system.

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