I got it up — 16 Comments

  1. Ah! So that’s what it does. Does it give pleasure or pain? And be careful how you answer.

  2. Whatever you do don’t press ctrl-alt-F9-Del-Insert-prnt scrn-
    tab-carriage return!!!
    I need to speak with Ron again and we need to figure out how to keep you from changing all these things he takes so much time in setting up.
    Now how is Ron suppose to make any money from house calls when his customers are changing selections and typing in random numbers all willy-nilly and making their PC’s run better? They are suppose to run like crap so you call him and he comes over and makes it worse and charges you for it. Geez!

  3. But it’s fun, Brianf. And anyway Ron is always bitching that I’m not willing to learn. He should be proud of me.

    Alt + F4? Sounds interesting. I’ll give it a tr

  4. Sounds like the network fairies are up to their usual tricks. At least once a day they get into our network. Use PiXiE boot to get rid of them.

  5. There should be a hairdryer function on the keyboard to recover lost data.

    A friend of mine was writing an essay on an Amstrad in the mid-80s. His mother came into the room and unplugged the computer so she could plug in the vacuum cleaner.

    He came into the room and shouted, “Where’s my essay?”

    “Did ye try the hair dryer?” she said.

  6. i had one of those routers a few weeks ago. bought it at the car boot sale for 10 eur, played around with it for a few days and sold it for a bit more on ebay. its actually a nice router but i had no use for it. the thing runs linux and everything

    btw nice symmetric connection. i’m stuck with 384k upload 🙁

  7. @Flirty – Sorry, but no. It just melts all the butter in the area.

    @Dankoozy – Maybe it is your one that I have? It is nice and symmetrical, with the aerial on each side. Some of them only have one aerial and they look unbalanced.

    Or did you mean something else?

    @Ian – I trust your friend held the hair dryer to his mothers head and forced her to re-write the essay?

  8. Did you guys hear about the 16 year old Mexican girl who got pregnant?
    Yea, her teacher told her to go home and do an essay.

  9. What has that got to do with the price of biscuits?

    You’re loosing it Brianf. Go and get a tattoo or something.

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