How to improve your aim in life — 14 Comments

  1. He’s testing his new freebies out on you, da.. be afraid. And it’s not normal for a bloke to have his finger up your bum ALL the time, you know.

  2. it’s not normal for a bloke to have his finger up your bum ALL the time

    Isn’t it? He said it was. You’ll be saying next that it’s not normal to have to take all my clothes off every time I visit.

  3. Wow! That sounds great. A straight kill every time.

    I suppose I have to wait now for some kind spammer to offer me some. My doc doesn’t like being asked for specific drugs. Last month, he wouldn’t even give me Rohypnol.

  4. All I get offered is penis and breast enlargements …

    I can’t decide which to get done!!

  5. I laughed uproariously at your post. My meds are just fine thank you very much.

  6. DC – make the right choice or you could end up looking like Harney.

    Thanks, 60. Glad to hear the meds are working. I’m not sure about mine. I think I’ve overdone the pink ones again……

  7. My doctor once advised me to stop smoking,drinking and to cut out the sex.

    Well, at least until he had finished my examination.

  8. Remind me never to wear a backpack and an Aussie T-shirt around Ireland. Or at least yell our ‘fore’ before you pull the trigger.

  9. The only way to improve your aim is to get out there and practice, practice and practice some more.

  10. @Baino – next time you come, drop me a mail first. I’ll get you an exemption.

    @Brianf – I like your thinking. I’m doing my best.

    @DC – True. But not all of them are down to me.

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