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  1. It’s a great country isn’t it?

    It beggars belief that people like her consistently get re-elected. Michael Lowery is another case in point. And of course Bertie himself.


  2. An eloquent description. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    As I said, I wonder if the 1.3 million is geemoney?

  3. Not only ish she one of the ugliest women I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, she is a fucking criminal and should be put in the Joy with the rest of the nation’s politicians.

    What next? Mr. Ed the Talking Horse becoming Minister for Education?

  4. Bloody hell, if it was on spitting image you never would have believed it. Even better the BF puppet wouldn’t need much work from the original.

  5. In fairness, I have seen a lot of uglier women [just look at Harney – she is a natural emetic]. I think I would kick her out of bed for eating biscuits though.

    The main fact is that she is a criminal, and is representing people in government.

    And Bertie is gagging to get her back into Fianna Fail because ‘she is one of them’. Which kind of proves that they admit to being a bunch of criminals.

    Incidentally, I’m listening to your friend Joe Duffy at the moment and the phone lines are melting with people screaming about what a disgrace the whole thing is.

  6. “What next? Mr. Ed the Talking Horse becoming Minister for Education?”
    Why not? We’ve had every other kind of orse there is…

    I reckon Bev is getting the golden deal because she knows enough to inflict a lot more than €2m worth of harm to RTÉ, NIB and FF

  7. A horse by any other name would smell as sweet.

    I have a lot of insider dirt on RTE. Does that mean I can have a free licence?

  8. You’re missing the silver lining lads, RTÉ will have less to spend on crap, telly this year.

    More chap imports.


  9. Sorry Dave, but if I really wanted to watch crap tacky cheap [i.e. American] imports, I can switch over to TV3 or Channel 6.

    This money is disparately needed to ensure that Miriam O’Callaghan and Sharon Ní Bheoláin continue to grace our screens.

    Mind you, if they sacked The Plank, that would make up the difference.

  10. Grandad,

    I was always told that a country got the politicians it deserved. We get the C-list gombeens who run the place because the great and the good are making too much money to demean themselves by getting involved in politics.

  11. You neglected to mention that last Friday she held a party victory celebration or 500 supporters at her local pub in Castlerbar.

    And that she dropped her Supreme Court case –the one which last week was a matter of urgency and principle.

  12. “I never believed I did anything wrong.”
    “I come from a Fianna Fail background, my political philosophy has always been Fianna Fail and the reality is, I would love indeed to be back within the Fianna Fail party.”

    You’re right, Grandad, she certainly meets all the requirements. I think we’re back to Twenty’s trenchant assessment — sure where else would be her natural home than the Party of C***s?

    P.S. If your “insider dirt on RTE” includes any pictures of M & S, you know my email address! Not a word to young Gráinne though, OK? 😉

  13. Yes. I think Twenty encapsulated her in a succinct and accurate way.

    Sorry Peckerhead – I never kiss and tell. My photos and videos are for my eyes only.

  14. She is the most arrogant woman I’ve ever come across in politics. And of course we are paying for most of her legal fees via RTE and she doesn’t care.

  15. It’s bog politics that elects the likes of Flynn and Healy Rae.

    There may be a case for IQ testing in rural areas before the punters are allowed to vote.

    A few simple multiple choice questions could be asked:

    Is murder: A. right, B. wrong?

    Is income tax: A. optional, B. compulsory?

    Which of the following is a good attribute for Dáil deputy:

    A. Cunning

    B. Honesty

    C. Arrogance

    Was Adolf Hitler: A. good, B. bad

    etc. etc.

    I reckon the results would shock.

  16. That’s a great one Dave! I feel a blog post coming on… !!

    The latest farce is beyond belief. I have never seen such arrogance in my life. And the fact that Bertie admires her so much? It really does say a hell of a lot about Fianna Fail.

    All I can say is that we will probably hear a lot more about this in some future tribunal. Probably when they get around to investigating Berties millions.

  17. I read that post JC, and frankly it depressed me. You have given a very nice [nasty] summary of the Flynn dynasty. The greatest shower of crooks that walked this land. They make The General look like a saint.

    And instead of being slammed up for their miserable lives, they are elevated and treated like heroes. I despair at Irish politics.

    Why not go the whole hog – only pay half the licence fee, half VAT, half taxes…. Aw f*ckit – let’s nuke the Dáil.

  18. I defer to your greater wisdom. Now, where can we pick up a nice slab of enriched uranium?

  19. NIB set up the tax evasion schemes and it is they and they alone who should be held to account for them. RTE’s bill was astronomic and deserved to be slashed anyway. NIB should be forced to pay the 1.3 million

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