The road less travelled — 10 Comments

  1. She was very insistent. I did ask but she said she didn’t know where you lived anyway. Apparently they do have some limitations.

  2. LOL We men will do anything for a woman with a sexy voice wont we
    Next time tell her no and maybe she will flirt with you to get you to do what she wants lol

  3. Not a bad idea. I gave it back though. I don’t really need one as I know the way to the village by now.

    I wonder if they sell a cheaper model that doesn’t tell you where you are or where to go? It just issues random instructions in a Sexy Voice. I can ignore them, but they’d be nice to listen too.

  4. I’d like to borrow your amphibious car please it would be an inexpensive way to navigate through the floods we’re experiencing here on the central coast and the ideal way to travel to Tasmaina on a budget. You can leave SexyVoice at home. I already have one. (A sexy voice that is, not a satnav – women ask for directons we don’t need to be told by some smartass biatch inside a computerythingamyjig)

  5. This is the weird thing, Baino. I never travelled across water. I think somehow, the yoke brought me through some other dimension to get there. Sort of like driving along a Möbius strip.

    And why do women always have to ask for directions? Herself is always at me to stop and ask people. Even when I know I’m not lost.

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