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  1. Oh thank God! There is someone there apart from Herself and the Dog. Is it just us oldies left?

    It is nothing to do with the neighbour but I bombard him anyway. I have to keep up the golf practice.

    I have wireless internet, so there are no cables to cut. I can send and receive mail, and can browse some web sites but not others. Google is out. And the damn thing keeps breaking down altogether.

    I am getting more than a little miffed.

  2. Is BOFH still around?

    I can’t read it because the link you gave is one of the ones I can’t reach. Along with WordPress or BlogSpot and others, so I can’t see other peoples blogs.

    My browser says that your blog doesn’t exist! 🙁

    F**k. My connection has broken again!!!

  3. GD,
    All of your sites are either down or running VERY slowly. I would blame it on the french.

  4. Looks like the problem is further up the line from you! Most likely Irish Broadband have an outage somewhere which is causing the problems you are having. My site is on eircom and you can’t reach that either so it all points to a router problem at IBB.

    Although I can see the IBB site that may narrow down the problem to their customers network.

    You may just have to wait or make a threatening phone call 😉

  5. Robert his form is bad enough without another o9f those phonecalls.

    Anyone got a stra8ight jacket?

  6. see the effect the problem is having on my typing?

    think I’ll go offline in case grandad’s mood is catching! 😉

  7. Oh Grief!! My connection comes back and immediately I’m inundated with e-mails!!

    @Brian – All my sites? I only have one. Unless you mean the illegal office block I’m building in Dublin?

    @Robert – I’m not phoning any call centres. Life is too short. And I don’t know the Swahili for any of those things you’re talking about.

    @Grannymar – Prozak. Works wonders. Just taken 24.

  8. This site, Herself’s, and K8’s. I think the three of them together may be considered as plural even though they are each, in and of themselves, singular.

  9. Brian do you mean Grandad is having us on all these months?

    He writes them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next he will have Sandy the dog with her own blog.

  10. @Brian – stop trying to confuse me [and everyone else!]. Are you referring to us as the Divine Trinity?

    @Grannymar – I’m surprised at you. Would I write such drivel as appears on the other two sites? Can you not spot the lack of erudition and education? How can you possibly say I write them?

    Have to go now – setting up Sandy’s site……

  11. I was thinking more along the line of the planet of Triskelion or was it the Tri-Lateral Commision, maybe the Triumpherant? No, no no it was the Tri-Color…err, maybe it was the Triad. Wait, it was the Triangle, Triassic, Tricycle, Trident, Trifling, Trifocals, Tertiary, Threefold, Threesome, Threescore, Three dimensional, 3D!

  12. For a start, when did the internet change its name? has a giant spider taken over?
    Secondly, Google is extending its tendrils across the internet with sly acquisitions of strategic sites.
    Give it time, we’ll see Head Rambles presented by Google.

    And those two ugly bastards Page and Brin – faces only mothers could love – with hot women. No doubt I’ll find the Angry Dome off the internet because I’ve said that …

  13. If you hurry up with Sandy’s site you can enter it in the bloggers choice awards.

    Best animal blog 😉

  14. I changed its name. It’s my site and if I can’t use that word then I’m going home.

    Maybe Google are in the middle of a hostile takeover of Head Rambles?

    And Sandy says she doesn’t want a site. Yet.

  15. Very well. Then in future I shall refer to the internet as the Great Information Neural Pathway.

    I can create crazy names too …

    Honestly though, where did the whole interweb thing come from? I feel like Rip van Winkle.

  16. Our whole phone system is acting mental today. Maybe somebody has gotten a little bit TOO enthusiastic with their interweb and has found their way into the cables as a sort of energy entity. Like in ‘Virus’ or ‘Lawnmower Man’.

  17. Or a cross between Martin Cullen and Noel Dempsey?

    Perhaps, flushed with triumph, the government is exploring ways of clamping down on dissension and raillerie (not to mention people who use those words).

  18. I don’t know. But if it starts acting up again today, I’m going to go out and shoot someone.

  19. Thanks Elly. I thought he would have been fired by now. It revives my faith in human nature that he’s still around.


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