My name is Grandad and I am an addict — 16 Comments

  1. Grandad,
    What is the jist of the rules for Minesweeper. It’s a weird game which I never really took the time out to figure out. Maybe you can dazzle me with your knowledge?

    My mother can’t use a PC to save her life but she nearly cried when I reinstalled XP on the family PC because her top scores in Space Pin Ball got wiped.

  2. It’s a tricky game to explain.

    Best bet is to press F1 😉

    Once you get the hang of how it works, it’s a case of working against the clock to clear all the mines in the field. I think my best ever [non-cheating] scores were 6 seconds in Beginner and 109 seconds in Advanced.

    It’s a game of chance combined with a lot of numerical mental gymnastics.


  3. Yes, Mah Jong is particularly dangerous; you should on no account install it on any computer you expect to get work done on.

  4. And there is that other one who’s name I forget – little fella pushing blocks around a warehouse?

  5. Fair play to you for coming clean. I did know about this addiction though, I have suspicions that it is genetic, as I have it too, as do a few friends of mine. I’ve been cursed from a height by one friend in particular for teaching him the knack of minesweeper.

    I use these games to fill in the time taken for my slow internet connection to download webpages. Trouble is, you can’t stop playing midstream! This is proving very costly on my phonebills.

    The creators of these games certainly knew what they were doing. I wonder are there minesweeper championships?

  6. Oh my God – it’s genetic!! I wonder if I got it from my mother or my father?

    I feel so relieved to have confessed though. It’s a huge weight off my mind. I have Come Out.

    I believe the Minesweeper was introduced to teach people the concept of left and right clicking, while Solitaire was to teach drag-and-drop. But I know how to do these thing now!

  7. Hey Grandad you should search the interweb maybe they have a 12 step program for you
    maybe solitaire annonymous but that seems a little oxymoronic lol

  8. I won’t make any comments about being oxymoronic or otherwise, but I like the idea of Solitaire Anonymous!

  9. Join the Legion of Mary instead. It’s nearer and purer and safer.

    Yes, those games can be addictive. I went through a tough phase with Galaxians. After considerable treatment by a retired shrink of Woody Allen’s I’m okay now.

  10. I had to ban myself from the pinball – apart from the time it wasted I used to hit the keyboard as though the flippers on the game were real!

  11. LOL! Download Snood. Don’t let Granny near it though! It’s incredible… if you like those other ones, you’ll be flying!

  12. Deborah – you don’t get it? Do you? I am trying to get off the damn things; not load more. It’s like offering an alcoholic vodka as an alternative!

    but I’ll forgive you your lack of sensitivities, and thank you for nominating me..


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